Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Summer FUN!

We are just loving summer...especially now that the sun has made an appearance! The weather has been gorgeous...Jackson says it's a little hot because he is a little heat box, but he thinks it is neat to sleep in just a diaper and sometimes nothing else. Ashley Perry, an amazing photographer (and friend) took the gorgeous ice cream picture above...and the car picture below! Check her out the next time you need family photos. I don't know how she is able to get so many great shots and makes it look so effortless...that's why she is the professional and I'm the happy client! 

We were able to visit DaDa last week at work! Jackson was shy with everyone at first...but warmed up once he saw some calculators. He loves buttons and numbers, just like Uncle Clint!

I had Jack paint some wrapping paper for our friends Tom and Jen -- they are expecting TWIN BOYS! He had fun getting his hands all over the "colors" but he seemed a little hesitant at first...usually when we paint it is fun to get messy. But on this day he wanted to make sure only his hands and feet were getting paint on them...which is why he is wearing his fun smock. After, we went outside and filled up his little pool--our first time all summer! It was finally warm enough to do this...and he had a blast! Click here so see him practice falling down!

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product! OOPS! 

We went back to swimming lessons two weeks's like he never left! He LOVES the water and LOVES Miss Erin. He says, "pool! swim! Erin! Yay!" I just love how he is so into being a good swimmer...unlike his mommy! 

Sierra returned today from a Bachelor Party in Big Bear (yay Kurt and Katherine!)...we are excited for them and their wedding in Seattle next month! Sierra helped Jack with his basketball skills tonight...he can shoot hoops from 2-3 feet...that's like a 3 pointer in toddler land! Here's a video of some free throws

We continue our playdates...this time with my friend Stephanie, who had Brianna just a couple weeks after Jackson's birth...and we went through our admin credential program together! I love how Jack is telling Brianna "no, no, no!" ... he was tired of sharing his toys with a girl! She is adorable!!!

Here are some photos from the 4th of July...we went to the Hinch Home and celebrated despite the gloomy weather conditions. Bill and Kelly are fabulous hosts so of course we had a blast! Jackson stayed up later than usual and enjoyed the BBQ and all of the attention he received from the adults! 

We love our little guy so much (and know you do, too...otherwise why would you read this?)! It's hard to imagine our life without him...what was sleeping in like then...? ;) What IS sleeping in? I can't remember...zzzzzz

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We belong in the zoo!

Jackson has been using the online program for reading called Starfall since about 15 months...he loves it! Here he is interacting with the letters and pictures!

We went to the San Diego Zoo over the weekend and I was surprised that he remembered where the bunnies lived...he ran right up to them in the petting zoo. Ok, we were at the zoo last month, but still! It was fun to have Sierra with us and join the fun...we saw elephants, monkeys, birds, hippos, giraffes, turtles...and more!

I can crawl, too!


First bucket ride...Jack loved looking at the airplanes fly over us!

Hey do you have a chin like me?

Friday, July 9, 2010


Jackson had so much fun with his cousins today! The last time we saw them he was only a few months how a year can change a play date! Danika and Reese were so loving and kind to share their cool toys with us! Thank you to Renee and my cousin Craig who invited us to their beautiful home today! xoxo

Dani, Reese, and Jackson


Hmmm....maybe I'll hug you!

My train! Choo! Choo! Thank you girls!

Sharing snacks and trains!

How many grapes will you eat little buddy?

Fun stuff to play with outside, too!

Bubble machine!!!