Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Babydoll is Almost Two!

Wow the year just flew by and when I look at Jackson's growth and development over the past year it is incredible! Really, time does fly when you are having fun! Our little Babydoll is now a Big Boy! Jack started 2010 walking and ended it running, dancing, hitting baseballs, kicking soccer balls, and hiking footballs!

Some stats:
Weight: 26 lbs. 
Height: 32"

Working on telling us he has to go potty ("I haf to go potty!")
Only wears Pull Ups to bed
Can almost pull up his pants (I think he likes the help!)
He can identify all of his letters and counts to 12 (but of course never on command!)
He knows his shapes (triangle, square, circle, rectangle)
He knows his colors
I lost count of his words a long time ago...he talks in short phrases now.
I think he's ready for kindergarten! Just kidding!

"I go snowboarding, too!"

waiting for our first Mandarin class to begin :)
We just joined a Mommy and Me Mandarin class which has been lots of fun. Jackson is such a great student and his favorite part is when we play a marching game!

thinking about my birthday cupcakes!

Dinner: Mama's spaghetti
Treat: cupcakes
Snack: berries
Drink: Trader Joe's Squeeze Sauces
Color: Red (for Firetrucks)
Toy: Firetrucks
Sports: Baseball, football, soccer 
Books: Smash! Crash!No, David series, and My Dad is Awesome
Song: Hush Little Baby and Rock-a-bye Baby
DVD: Elmo's Firehouse
TV show: Wonderpets
Park toy: Swings
Nursery Rhyme: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Friends: J.C., Olivia, Connor, and Celeste
Shoes: Fireman rainboots
Time of day: Breakfast and Bath
Saying: "What's that noise?!" and "Hi! How are YOU?!" 
My favorite Jackson saying: "I make you happy, Mama?"

2-2-09...hours old
We are hoping, praying, crossing our fingers, wishing, dreaming, and envisioning a sibling for Jackson by the time he turns three. But we will see what the future holds for us. For now we are content as a family of three (plus Abby and Biscuit).

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Why is it that Christmas always seems to come and go in the blink of an eye? After Sierra and I started my winter break with the 24 hour flu on alternating days, Jackson's viral infection seemed to get worse, better, worse, better...but everyone was healthy to celebrate the holidays! 

We enjoyed an early Christmas dinner at Autumn's since Clint and Angela were visiting from Denver. Autumn set a beautiful table once again and her dinner was scrumptious! Such a great night...which lasted until almost midnight! Jackson partied late! I don't think he has ever been up that late!

Eating dessert with Junior!
Kennedy Kids
Motorcycle from Marco and Autumn!
Leaving Santa cookies and milk. 
On Christmas Day, Jackson woke up to Santa's gifts: a red wagon and a little kitchen! He really enjoyed opening presents and helping us open ours, too. Gram and Grandpa came over that morning and we had a yummy breakfast. Later, I prepared dinner and we played a really fun game of Cranium! We were thankful for our special guests: Mommy Nannette, Auntie Autumn, Uncle Marco, Uncle Clint, Aunt Angela, Junior, Gram, and Grandpa. I think as I get older, I realize more that the time I spend with family and friends is really the best gift of all.

Rain boots! Jack asked Santa for these but Mama and Dada gave them instead!
Making Mama's coffee in my new kitchen from Santa!
Gram and Grandpa read If You Give Jack a Pumpkin.
First ride in the wagon!
Let's eat!