Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maui 2012

Aloha! The Izzards are on vacation! We left San Diego yesterday morning at 7 a.m. and arrived in Maui at 9:40 a.m. The kids were absolutely perfect on the flight and received many compliments! Mahalo!

Our vacation started off with a LONG wait at the airport for our rental car (GMC Terrain) but once the (rental) carseats were finally installed we were on the road! Jackson kept asking everyone if they were going to Maui...after a quick lesson on cities, states, islands, etc. he figured it out.

Riley is the best baby and never cries except for...long car rides! She cries so hard it makes me cry. I finally sat squished between both kids and she calmed down. Luckily today's trip up to the volcano didn't seem to bother her and we stuck to her feeding schedule -- every 2 hours. I only sat squished for half of the journey.

Jackson is LOVING being on the beach and cries (ok throws a fit) when we leave.

Our first stop in Lahaina was at Cheeseburger in Paradise which was where Jackson ate his first piece of pineapple at 6 months old. Can't believe that was less than three years ago and now we are back with our little girl!

We are so happy to be back here and at a condo because it makes it easier with the kids. We are able to make a lot of our meals instead of eating out for everything. Plus having a washer and dryer is huge when you have an infant! Especially one who likes to spit up!

I love waking up to the sounds of the ocean and seeing sea turtles bob their heads in the waves all from our top floor balcony or bedroom window. Can we retire!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Look Whooo is 3 Months Old!

At her 2 1/2 month check up Riley weighed 12.8 lbs. and her length was 23.25" -- she is growing at a faster rate than her brother did! Riley wears 3-6 month clothes already!

She loves to interact with people and look around at everything. She has had excellent head control for weeks and pushes herself up during tummy time. She can push herself half way from her tummy to side and half way from back to side. She is surprised when this happens and so are we! She LOVES to smile, giggle, coo...and is beginning to babble. Jackson thinks she can say "owl" and "mum mum" and I am not pressuring her to talk. We have enough talking from Jackson...even when he sleeps!!! Riley eats every two to three hours still but sleeps 10-11 hours a night. She typically naps 2-3 hours in the morning and does mini cat naps in the afternoon. By 6:30 pm she is ready to cluster feed and head off to sweet dreams. She has this interesting ability to sense when I am about to sit down for dinner...she wants us to hold her as we eat. I think she just wants to be part of the social time and I call her our little social butterfly...not sure where she gets it from?! Ri has also started grabbing at my shirt when she is hungry and pulled on Daddy's chest hair for the first time today! Ha! Check out Riley's first ride on a swing! We met up with my friend Ashley and her son Isaac in Golden Hill and Riley couldn't wait to play, too!

The Izzards have been busy hosting Easter, celebrating birthdays, and visiting with family!

I hope to post more when we return from our early summer vacation to Maui! SO excited!
Riley Smiley
Great Grandpa Kennedy and Great Libby with the littles.
Tummy Time!
Grandpa is almost 91 and Riley is almost 3 months in this picture!
Mama's birthday at the Brig for Taco Tuesday! 
Someone still falls for the "we need to go for a ride" trick when nap is not happening.
Wide awake and ready to socialize!

My baby girl!
Drooling a lot and blowing bubbles!
Love having both kids in bed before 8 p.m.!
Busting out of this 3 month sleeper. 
Proud Big Brother! A week later I didn't have to roll the GAP 3-6 month jeans!
This beautiful blanket from Nana Marilyn looks smaller each month!
Feliz Cinco de Mayo con Pacifico y Papa!
Yuck...shots! Ri didn't do too hot after or the next day. 
She slept more than usual and was cranky.
Mr. Giraffe attends his monthly photo shoot. 
Sierra's bday dinner in Ventura--yummy Indian!