Monday, April 2, 2012

Riley and Jackson have been siblings for 8 weeks!

Our darling daughter is already 2 months old!!!! She is an awesome eater and sleeper! We refer to her as our "dream baby" because she is so easy. We thought Jackson was easy but not compared to Riley! Maybe we just know more this time around as parents or are more relaxed. Jackson continues to keep us on our toes and we continue learning to be better parents. We were reminded of this last week when Sierra and I participated in a webinar from Positive Parenting Solutions.

We learned some fantastic parenting strategies on tantrums and yelling ages toddlers to teens. What? The "terrible threes" turn into teens?! We are already noticing improvements in how we react to Jackson's behavior and realized it is not just his "problem" ...we are all learning and adjusting to our new family dynamics. A big "ah-ha" moment was learning that we, as parents, control the entire day except for three biggies: eating, potty, and sleep. Kids control those three and we have had issues with all over the last two months. Riley's arrival of course was four days after the beloved Threes began.  

Riley is the happiest sister in the world! At least she acts like it! She has brought us so much joy. We love her smiles! Jackson LOVES playing with her when she's awake -- and is learning to let her sleep instead of going up to her and yelling, "Wake UP, Riley!!!"

Riley is so patient and is still waiting for her nursery to be complete. The bedding was holding me up from decorating and after three weeks of patiently waiting for its delivery, I received an email stating it was back ordered until June!!! Pottery Barn Kids was the backup and we all love it! Now to put things on the walls....
Gram and Grampa sent me this hat -- can't wait to wear the outfit to the zoo!
Crashed out after a fun day at Balboa Park with the Silvas and a quick visit to Daddy's office.
0-3 month outfits being packed up soon...
loving my birdies!
Celeste and Jackson at Birch Aquarium -- we are now members! Yay!
Enjoying the sunny days...why go inside for the potty?
That's me as a baby with Grandmother Ruth...and me with Riley over the weekend. Love the resemblance! 
Cutest Easter Bunny
Dinner with Auntie Autumn and Uncle Marco while Dad was out of town. 
Big Brother being helpful!