Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's a...


We were tickled pink, as they say...for about 24 hours...

Sierra and I had a day date on Sunday, June 1st, to see who was taking up space in my womb.  I was 14 weeks to the day. We both thought boy because I've been correct with my Mommy Instincts for the previous kids...but when I started to show I had my doubts because my belly was high like it was with Riley. All my pants still fit. With Jackson, I had to do the rubberband trick at week 12 I think! 

We went to a 3D/4D ultrasound place that we have used in the past, and we sat quietly as the technician confirmed that we were looking at a girl! We were really shocked to see a baby girl in my womb! It was so quiet I think maybe the tech was thinking we wanted one over another...but we both wanted a healthy baby. I immediately began thinking about the sister relationship Riley and this baby would have. I have two sisters so I know how good that can be...and challenging. Ha! Sierra confessed he wanted a girl again...because they are easier. Ummmm...just wait until about age 12, my love! We left a little confused and just shocked. I texted friends saying we were shocked it was a girl. Now, in case you have forgotten, we were totally surprised with Riley until she was we have never seen what a girl looks like on an ultrasound in terms of genitalia. 

We met my brother and his wife for lunch after calling my mom with the news. We shared with them that another niece was on her way! Then it was time to buy some balloons for the kids...and gifts from the new baby.

I loved the box idea with balloons but thought that might be too cumbersome and tall for kids to open. So we put a pink balloon inside each of these bags I crafted. 

Holding a "Little Sister" sleeper. The balloons were a  hit (not the color, but the balloons). 

Jackson pretty much had this face for several minutes. He wanted a brother. He didn't cry...but later he said he was happy to have another sister. He's a great big brother and we were really pumping him up saying things like, "you're so special because you are the only boy!" We promised him a boy dog someday. 

Riley was happy just to know there is a baby coming. And the balloons were exciting.

There's a smile!

Baby  gave Jackson a new TMNT, Rafael. 

And Riley has a new writing tool. 

My favorite. Hi little girl BOY! We love you!

SO the next day, Jackson came to me in the morning as I was looking at the ultrasound pictures. He said, "I really thought it was a boy." I said, "Me, too." I was really confused about the "girl parts" she saw and didn't see the three white lines that everyone on Babycenter Boards saw (ha, ha). I frantically started texting moms asking them what the lines looked like, Googled...drove myself crazy. 

All day I kept thinking I should call my doctor just to confirm the gender. I had taken a blood test at week 10 to rule out chromosome abnormalities (all is good), and something new with this pregnancy is that they can tell the gender as well from taking my blood. We wanted to see the baby reveal the parts, so we declined when the doctor called to say everything was good and did we want to know the gender (several weeks ago). At my last appointment I was going to ask for the results in an envelope but forgot...I joked that the heartbeat sounded like a boy for sure. My doctor asked, "Are you looking for a reaction? Because I don't know either." But he had a smirk...

Knowing that they had the blood test results, I gave my doctors (I see a group of five) a call...and I ended up leaving a message because it was time to get Jackson from school. When I came back to the car, I had a message from the doctor...99.9% accuracy...XY...It's A BOY

I think I may have laughed for over an hour as I made the calls and texts to now say we were having a BOY. The best call of all was the first one I made, to Sierra, who was at work. He said, "HUH? HUH? WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm stoked!" And then we had to put our thinking caps on about how to tell the kids...

Take Two! 

It seemed redundant and confusing to put the balloons in a bag again! So instead we had them close their eyes and share the news that sometimes people make mistakes...and a little BROTHER was on his way. 

I will be returning the little sister sleeper soon....and the $50 in bows I purchased will be re-gifted...this Baby Boy already has a memorable story before his birth day! Better get that baby book started now! 

P.S. A few days later, we ended up going back to get a redo ultrasound. The senior technician apologized over and over again about the mistake. She said the tech should never have said she was certain, especially so early, and especially with the cord between the legs. It makes for a good story, I suppose. And I cried when I saw baby brother and his boy parts...and the kids enjoyed "meeting" their little brother, too. He was waving at them and moving all around which they thought was hilarious. They kept waving to the screen. :)

How did we miss his tie?

And yes, Jackson can still get a boy dog...when he's 10! 

Mama has already started shopping for you, Little Bro!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Are Outnumbered!

...and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Sibling shirts by Things Very Special 

My official due date is November 30th but I figure we will have the new baby in the onesie in December since it's only a day away and Big Bro came at 41 weeks (induced) and Big Sis came on her due date at 40 weeks! 

Questions (I get asked a lot) and Answers: 

1. Was this planned? YES.

2. Are you done after this? YES.

3. Do you want a boy or girl? We want a healthy baby.

4. Will you find out the gender this time (since we didn't with Riley)? Yes. It will help prepare the kids for who is coming. Also with room situations...although we want a nursery for at least a year.

5. Are the kids excited? Yes. Riley is the most excited and talks to the baby all the time.

6. What do the kids think? Riley thinks sister and Jackson thinks brother. He keeps telling the baby to "come out walking and talking so we can play."

7. How are you feeling? Good now that I'm in the second trimester. I was feeling sick but not too sick. And tired. Of course there is no rest when you have two littles to chase around.

8. Is this why you're moving? No. We have plenty of room at our current home for number 3. I got pregnant and we listed the house at the same time. 

9. Were you trying for awhile? No. First try. We are still shocked. We were fortunate...and fertile.

10. Who did you tell first? My mom! Sorry Sierra! 

11. How did you tell Sierra? I asked him what we were doing for Thanksgiving. He said that was too far out to plan (we had talked about Mammoth). I said we might be at Sharp Mary Birch and handed him the pregnancy test.

12. When did you start to show? As soon as I took the test. I have a big uterus according to my OBGYN. HA HA!!!