Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We have had a lot of new things happening over the last week! We were excited to meet our newest baby friend, Braden Joseph Bartels! He was born at 2:01 a.m. on August 19 at a healthy 6 pounds, 11 oz. He is perfection! Mommy and Daddy looked incredible considering Braden was 14 hours old when we met him! 
Sweet Baby Braden

Daddies and college buddies

Dani is such a beautiful mother! 
We met with Grandpa and Libby today who are both recovering really well from recent hospital stays. They showed us their new rollercoaster ride to get down the stairs--it is literally a chair that moves around the bend and down the stairs. I wish I had snapped a picture of it!

Grandpa Bill just turned 90 in July!

Jackson helped me move into my new classroom today. I volunteered to move and the teacher I am flip-flopping with is so happy to be closer to her grade level. That made me happy, too. It was weird seeing my room empty but it will be nice to have a fresh start in another building with different teaching colleagues. I was so impressed with Jackson's behavior because we had already had a busy day and then moving was near nap time...but he rocked it!

Jackson calls my school "Dolphin School" (our mascot)
What do you mean we need to still move your office?!

Tomorrow will be Jackson's preview day at his new means of daytime entertainment... pre-school. My baby is a big boy! Oh, boy...don't call him a baby! He acts like it's a personal attack or something: "I'm NOT a baby!!!" Today we shared with Ms. Sue, his day care provider since Jackson was 6 months old, that he wouldn't be returning. Tears. But in the end, we feel that moving him to pre-school is the right decision for our family:
  • It is totally different than day care in that it is like a mini school--labeled centers and everything! The classrooms look better than some elementary rooms I've seen. 
  • His classroom is made up of all 2 year old Big Kids. 
  • Pre-school is literally down the hill from us--a three minute drive. 
  • It's open later JIC we need it. 
  • He will be loved wherever he goes. 
  • He is SO excited to go! He didn't want to leave Miss Sierra's room (his teacher) when we toured a couple weeks ago. 
Of course I had to get Jackson new gear for school! Can't wait until they arrive! Thanks, Pottery Barn Kids!

 Here I am at almost 16 weeks. I still can wear my jeans without unbuttoning and I even wear a size smaller than I did before I was prego with Jackson. I am finally not feeling sick (except for a sinus infection) and my energy has returned! Woo hoo!

Did I tell you something else that is new
We are not finding out the gender until baby's birthday! A fun surprise!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pizza Playdate

 Last week Jackson had some buddies over to make pizzas and play. They worked in teams of two to create yummy pizzas for our lunch. Here are some pictures from our playdate!

ingredients + a baby bump

adding pizza sauce

Carter (4)

Cole (2 1/2)

Connor (3 1/2)

Jackson (2 1/2 and Kason 22 months)
Jae (6) and Emerson (5) add cheese and pepperoni 

ready to bake!

tasting the pineapple before we bake

ready to eat!

Popsicles for dessert!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2nd Trimester: 14 weeks

This Mama Hummingbird made a nest around the same time
as we conceived...she had two baby birds and now we will, too! 

Wow I am already in my second trimester! Little baby brother or sister is the size of a lemon. So at 14 weeks I am already feeling guilty that I haven't written any pregnancy memories in the books like I did with Jackson. I have been reading them, though! You quickly forget what to expect. It's fun to read the weekly developments as my body changes, too. I decided to jot some experiences down today! Mainly for myself but feel free to read!

How I found out I was pregnant: I really didn't think I would be pregnant because let's just say I was too tired during my ovulation week and had been sick for a month along with Jackson with one thing or another...but somehow two times did the trick! I missed my period but it was 31 days and I had been having a 30 day cycle lately, so I thought no biggie. I didn't feel prego. I came home from a DELAC meeting at about 9 p.m. and took a test...ran downstairs to tell Sierra the news...#2 was on the way! Daddy was super excited!

Cravings: I really, really, really want to eat fast food! It is such a gross craving. I have only given in once for some Golden Arches Fries, but seriously as I drive by every fast food place, I want it all. My good craving has been fresh fruit, which I am eating tons of: berries, nectarines, tangerines, watermelon, cantaloupe...yum! Cheese, too--especially grilled cheese! 

Changes in me: I feel like I began to show at 8 weeks. My belly started to poof out and I have read that you show earlier the second time around because everything has already been stretched out and knows what to do. Nice. Ha! I was in a new bra size by 10 weeks. Very nice! Sadly, the girls aren't as perky this time around after 18 1/2 months of nursing. At 14 weeks I can still wear my jeans without doing the rubberband trick. I noted in my last pregnancy that I needed to do this at 16 weeks. I have gained 10 pounds already and 6 of those almost immediately. I really haven't been eating any more than I do normally I promise! I think my metabolism slows down a lot when I'm prego.

Pregnancy Symptoms: When I was pregnant with Jackson, each time I went to the doctor until about 16 weeks I was skeptical that there was a baby in there because I had no symptoms other than a few cravings and weight gain. This time...lots of symptoms:
  • I wake up feeling nauseous but feel better once I eat
  • The first 8 weeks I felt sick in the morning and then it would come back in the late afternoon
  • TIRED. I am sure having a toddler contributes to this...we have been taking naps at the same time. SO glad I am on break now so I can do this! 
  • Insomnia--I wake up in the middle of the night, like at 3 or 4 a.m. to use the bathroom (I forgot about this symptom!), and can't go back to sleep after. It's horrible. I have been reading a lot or catching up on reality TV downstairs.
  • Metallic taste: During week 12 I had a yucky taste in my mouth. Each time I had anything to eat or drink, it tasted like I had a penny sitting on my tongue. This is called Dysgeusia and hopefully it doesn't return!
  • Gassy. What else can I say about this one?

11 weeks 
14 weeks

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Halfway to Three!

Today is Jackson's two-and-a-half mark! He is half way to three! How many times have I said or written, "I can't believe it?!" Where did our little baby doll go? If I call him a baby doll he tells me, "I'm NOT a baby! I am a BIG BOY!" Today at swim lessons he told me to leave the bathroom stall and "wait on the bench." Last week he told me he would be "embarrassed if you got in my [kiddie] pool." 
Instead of listing Jackson's milestones like I have done in the past (brag, brag), I decided it would be fun to videotape him answering some questions. He was VERY excited to do this because I let him sit in the living room (which is off limits to kids and cats). 

In case you didn't watch the entire episode, we are expecting a baby right around Jackson's 3rd birthday...the official due date is 2-6-12.
We are all thrilled and excited to be a family of four plus two cats!