Monday, July 29, 2013

Bachelorette Time!

Laura is my future sister in law and after eight years of dating, she and Noah are finally saying, "I do." They have a short engagement of six months and recently Noah accepted a job offer in it's been a whirlwind for these two with wedding planning, selling their house, buying a new one, and moving. Laura was looking forward to her Bachelorette Party more than the typical bride for all the reasons the girl time we shared over 24 hours. I am still recovering from wine tasting, pool lounging, drinking champs, penthouse fun, comedy show, drinking champs, crazy taxi rides with strangers, drinking champs, bars, glitter, games, drinking champs...and lots of giggles. Did I mention drinking?! Ugh. I am too old for these things! 

The beautiful bride to be!

Waiting for a cab...I think I fell just before this picture...

More drinks...

Drinks by the pool...

I bedazzled cups we never used. Ha! 

Drinks before the comedy show...

Such a fun bachelorette party! Can't wait for the wedding!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Soccer Camp

Jackson spent this week at soccer camp and LOVED all three hours of the games, drills, and kid time. Mama LOVED the daily naps that happened. I got so much done since both kids were napping simultaneously -- that hasn't happened since Riley was four months old--Jackson decided he didn't need naps once I hurt my hand and became a one handed mom. Convenient. But, as I reflect, he was probably reacting to my injury. Such a sweetie. 

Jack was given the Outstanding Goalie award yesterday and of course I cried when I saw how proud he felt. That's one of the best rewards to parenting--seeing your child realize their potential and sharing these emotions. So thankful I was there to see it. 

First day of camp!
Jackson: "Hurry up sister!"
Daily car nap and transfer to his bed!

     Riley insisted on being in this photo!

Red Firecrackers get ready to show their skills!

NCSP just added a new week to their summer program so we might just need to sign up again...a girl could get used to these naps! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dog sitting

We have the pleasure of having little Luna Landie visiting us for ten days while her family is vacationing in Italy. They forgot to pack me! She came for a trial over the weekend with her family present and then came home with Sierra last night from work (Luna's dad is Sierra's boss).

Luna fits right in and is even agreeable to Riley's constant hugs, tugs, and "gentle" touches. Those girls are growing on each other. Abby the cat isn't too happy to have a new animal here, but she is curious about this new furry friend. 

Jackson is thrilled to have Luna in his bed at night. He had Sierra read all dog books her first night with us. Today I found him reading to her in his lap during his QRT (quiet rest time). He and I had fun walking her today, too! 

And no we won't be getting a dog anytime soon...but we will enjoy our time with Luna while we have her with us!

Riley: I want to kiss her, and squeeze her, and love her forever...
Luna took Abby's spot on our bed...
First walk around the hood!

Cuddle buddies 
Pack n play?!
Luna took us to the park today...

All aboard! She insisted riding between the kids. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

My little firecrackers! 
We spent the 4th of July doing our traditional Scripps Ranch Old Pros Run. We woke the kids up early, packed up their things and Aunt Cat (who is visiting from Alabama), and met up with friends as well as family to run. The Aardappels met Sierra for the 10K while Uncle Clint and his in-laws did the Fun Run with me and Aunt Cat. Well, actually, Clint pushed the kids in the HEAVY stroller and I really did enjoy the Fun Run--kid free! I ditched them. My best two miles ever--17:40 was the announced time as I crossed so I actually ran faster than that since the crowds of people delay the start. Thanks, Uncle Clint! 

The Beer Garden is always worth an early morning run, so Sierra spent some time there. HA! It's fun to catch up with friends from Scripps Ranch, too. The parade followed and that's when the sun really started to shine...back at home we napped and prepared for a neighbor's BBQ/pool party. We had lots of fun with the Holes and Jackson couldn't leave the pool until finally we pulled him out with the lure of fireworks. Riley went to bed and the three of us headed up the hill by our house to watch the show. It's pretty awesome that our neighbors sit on the hill to watch two shows and it feels so private. The best part is we don't have to drive! 

Uncle Clint gives Jack a great view to see Daddy run in!

There he goes! He beat his time by 14 minutes!
I was holding Riley in one hand and the camera in the shot I could get! 

Ali is a real runner and I'm a pretend runner...but we are both real mamas!
 Ryan is 10 months and Riley is 17 months. Ry and Ri = LOVE. 
the beer garden = good times with adults!
The 5th of July is my Grandfather Kennedy's birthday so my Dad (who is also visiting), shared in his celebration over the weekend with his five siblings and their loved ones. Grandpa Bill requested only his "kids" at his birthday dinner so he had a chance to talk with everyone. Three daughters and three sons still makes for a large group when you count their partners. Grandpa turned 92 young and we will celebrate later this summer with a BBQ. 

The original Kennedy Kids


How did you spend the 4th? Any red, white, and blue memories you would like to share?

Riley Grace at 17 months :)

Riley Smiley you have loved building blocks over the last month, stacking cups, pouring water and sand between the two at your water & sand table, pushing Jackson on your toys, head butting him when he purposely sits in your chair...your favorite toy is still Big Bro. You can't sleep unless Cuddle Bear is with you (replaced with a copy this month) and "Ah-goo," your special Baby Dior blanket from Mommy Nannette. You have mastered sliding, running, and bouncing in the jumpy. You smile really big when you accomplish something. New words: "milk, moo, me, baby, pretty, car..." I'm sure there are more but I haven't been writing them down because you communicate so well with the words you have and signs. You follow directions so well and I hope you are always this agreeable to help out and clean up your messes without complaining -- but so was Jackson at your age so that already gives me anxiety about when you turn three...

Ok back to 17 months! You are wearing lots of 24 month clothes and size 4.5 shoe. You are tall enough to push your push toys and figured that out recently. You enjoy books, all animals (even real worms--gross), eating, being outdoors, and giving Daddy huge hugs when he comes home from work. 

You point out every baby and say, "baby!" You call yourself "baby" and "me, me, me" when you want something. You are super shy at first and kinda clingy but it's sweet. I secretly like that you want me to hold you in new situations and not anyone else. I love having a daughter and you have transitioned perfectly into our family and never once complained about any of our setbacks with your Pavlik harness, my hand accident, your hand accident, or Jackson's constant need to be number one. Your inner and outer beauty keep does your hair! It's time for another trim soon. 

You are a special girl, Riley Grace...and we love you and your happy face! Happy 17th month...sniff, sniff. 

Jack and Ri at 16 months 

Love these legs 

Homemade Popsicles 

Loves hats of all kinds (this is J's)

Musical child 

     Happy 17 months!

loves the "quack quacks."

Aunt Cat is visiting this month from Alabama! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Leaving a Legacy

Jackson's last day of pre-school at Legacy Montessori was June 26. It was water day so he stayed a little later than usual to join in the fun! That was a treat for me, too. We gifted his teachers with gift cards and potted flowers: Thanks for helping me bloom this year!

A few weeks ago the Garden Committee at his school created a tile wall using the kids' artwork. Riley participated and we just love how the wall turned out! As we won't be returning to Legacy in the Fall, we will have to visit to see how the garden blossoms and to check out how Riley and Jackson's hands compare in size years from now. 

Riley is always on the move...

Jackson finds his tile. 

Ri stands under her tile.

A kite soaring through the Peace Garden.

This is the first summer Jackson has been home with me full time since he was Riley's age...we have lots of things planned and he was eagerly counting down the days. It has been a very enriching and highly academic year of learning for him. Just going three part time days, he  has learned to do basic addition, place value, the concept of 100, beginning reading, phoneme blends, and life skills. Over the summer we will continue to work on his writing skills. His fine motor skills are average and sometimes I think Riley has better control of a crayon. That's the teacher in me, though. 

Here's to a FUN summer!

I surprised Jackson with this sign. He was SO excited to welcome summer!

Little Sis is pretty excited for summer, too!
This school year went way too fast!!!

Jackson's teacher, Ms. Shay in the Peace Garden.