Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday Funday

5 months old--1st Padres game
19 months old and a HUGE sports fan!
Last Sunday we went to Jackson's first baseball game this season. It was a very different experience this year because leading up to the weekend, Jackson kept reminding us that we were going to the game: "baseball game! go! yay...baseball! yay...Padres!" As soon as we parked, he wanted to run to Petco because he could see and hear the excitement. We had great seats behind the visiting team's dugout, and Jackson was able to stand by our seats and watch the game because he was eye-level with the field. Thanks, Kevin! He really was excited by the Jumbotron. It was free slinky day so that was exciting, too! We saw the only points the Pads scored--two homeruns and then we took off to watch the Chargers game at home. Too bad they lost, too. In this video, Jack starts by saying, "dad sad!" -- he heard Sierra reacting to the painful loss...not a fun way to end our Football Sunday! 

I am SO excited to see this game!

New hat for sunny days!

P.S. Jackson really enjoys watching Nick Jr.'s Wonder Pets! We love watching it, too. The little preschool animals are adorable, have catchy songs, and teach great lessons...all in 10 minute episodes--perfect amount of time for a toddler! Jackson tries to sing their songs in this video

Our little guy thinks he is so funny when he takes the dirty clothes out and climbs in the laundry basket!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Circle of Friends is Getting Bigger!

Sierra and I visited our good friends Tom and Jen as they shared their two beautiful sons with us -- only a day old and doing great, Tyler and Dylan Whisenant (The Whiz Kids) were each just shy of 6 lbs. and born about a month early, on Friday, September 17th! Those are big boys with big brains! 

We think Dylan looks just like his daddy Tom and Tyler like his mommy Jen. It was so much fun to visit these babies and gave us overwhelming memories of our own stay at the same hospital. It feels like yesterday we were checking in on Superbowl Sunday for my induction...and less than 12 hours later came our own beautiful son! 

Please keep Tyler and Dylan in your thoughts and prayers as they are both going to stay in the hospital until they are strong enough to go home with their loving parents. 

Sierra with Tom and his son Dylan 

You can visit the Whiz Kids' progress at a cool website Jen and Tom are updating frequently. 

Jen celebrates a special birthday today! Happy birthday, Jen! What an amazing gift (times 2) that you have to cherish forever! You look beautiful and you seem to have a double version of the New-Mommy-Glow!!

Amber with Tom and his other son Tyler


Jackson is a HUGE football fan! I don't know where he gets that from...hmmm....

When college football started, he was screaming, "Yay, football! Woo hoo!!!" and looked forward to watching it with Dada. Even the preview shows were exciting to him as he ran by to grab a book or play with his toys. Now that the NFL is ending its second week, Jackson has had just a taste of what the season has to offer as Sierra vies for another championship in the KOP Fantasy Football League. Fun times at the Izzard home!

He knows how to say many football related words, "helmet, huddle, tackle, football, coach, pass, hike, Chargers, and touchdown" are a few. He has two favorite teams--the Chargers and the Saints and wears each team's shirt with pride. 

We have even caught him trying to change Sierra's FF lineup!
The Cove 
Jackson seems to learn so many new things that it is hard to keep up with his daily progress! He always amazes us. He has learned to run really fast and we are finding it harder to keep up with our little guy! A few of our friends had babies recently so it makes us think about those newborn experiences and how TIRED we were then...and how much easier it was then! LOL! A toddler is full of energy and it starts at 5:45 a.m. and ends at 7:30 p.m. =) 

Jack and Sierra recently built a car ramp out of books before bed. It was so cute I had to capture it on video. I just love his reaction to his successful launches! 

He also loves to dance with me when we get home and prepare dinner. He asks me to dance and lately we have been watching kid friendly videos and dancing. He obviously gets his moves from my genes. Ha!

This little guy also loves to color. He says the colors are "pretty" and will color in his Elmo book, on his chair, in the tub, and (oops!) on the couch! Luckily Sierra got that one out! Here is a video of Jack trying to name colors and shapes!

What I LOVE about this age is that toddlers mimic and try to do what Mommy or Daddy do. So, we have a little helper! Jackson has helped with laundry, sweeping, watering, dishes, cleaning his high chair, and scrubbing his belly. ;) All this work makes for a tired boy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

End of Summer Adventures

Jackson is so lucky to have so many friends already at 19 months! We are fortunate as well to have so many amazing friends to share these special adventures with as a family. Here are some of end of summer highlights. 

At Kid City with Celeste...they loved the ball machine!

Teagan's 1st bday party...Gymboree.

Sarah and Brandon share their comfy chairs.

Brandon is such a sweetheart!

Swimming at Auntie Autumn's house.

Play area at UTC

Jackson is such a good boy when we go places. He does the grocery shopping weekly with Mama and likes to make trips to Target and the mall as well. Recently he found these dolphin statues to be the best part of shopping with Mama! Click here for a video! We also took a train ride that day thanks to a nice lady who gave us her extra tickets after hearing Jack say, "train! chooooooo choooo!"

Where are my lady friends?

Old Town date night with Dada and Mama

Another summer favorite was frozen  yogurt...he knows the whole routine as soon as we pull up to the yogurt shop--he leads the way and waits patiently for his yummy dessert! Here's a video of some delicious froyo!

We also spent a lot of time throwing pennies into fountains this summer. Jackson and Mama took walks to Clairemont Square almost daily and he made wishes while Mama sipped Starbucks. =) Here's a video  of some penny action in Old Town.