Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bobby Crocker and 38 weeks...

Jackson and I made some chocolate chocolate chip cookies tonight as we patiently await Riley's debut.

I went to triage yesterday morning thinking it was time. Nurse said I had an 80% chance of being admitted. Well I am back at home...5 cm dilated, consistent contractions, 80-90% effaced at today's appointment...but not in active labor. Basically I am in early labor and have been since early Monday morning. I am not in pain..Just not too comfy. But Riley Turtle Snail will be worth the wait! Oh and I am back to measuring bigger--40 weeks. Could be a big baby, lots of fluid, or...? Who knows! Pregnancy is a mystery.

When I picked Jack up from pre-school today he asked, "Is Riley here yet?" I said, "Do you see my belly?!" ;) He insists that Riley is a girl. We will see...soon!

Kung phat choi! Happy New Year! It's the year of the dragon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Toy Story 3 Birthday!!!

Toy Story 3 custom shirt from etsy

We celebrated our Space Ranger's third birthday a few weeks early...just in case Riley decides to come early since the due date is February 6 and Jackson's birthday is February 2! Jackson kept telling Riley, "You stay in there until AFTER my party!" Now he gets mad if I say Riley will come on his birthday. HA! I think in the future we will be celebrating their birthdays together anyways since they are so close! So this was Jackson's last birthday as a single child! 

I started prepping for this party last October by "pinning" on Pinterest -- I LOVE this site and used so many ideas from it! Are you on there yet? It was nice having some free time over winter break to prepare for the celebration as well. How cute are these invitations?! I found this shop on etsy and Marlena was SO nice and really professional. I printed them through Shutterfly since I had a coupon from a previous order. =) Marlena also made us thank  you cards and stickers to coordinate!

I found these adorable magnets on ebay!

 They were part of the favors that went in these bags--can you tell what they are?
Jackson LOVED them and helped me punch out the eyes using a circle punch. 

Vons made our frosted green cupcakes and again, etsy helped out with the toppers...I just had to punch with a 2" scalloped punch and attach the sticks (just cut lollipop sticks in half and tape). 

Celeste is Jackson's very best girlfriend!
 Jackson has been talking about a Toy Story jumpy for six months. We told him that would be his birthday gift and he was in that thing from 10 am until 4 pm! BEST GIFT EVER for him and us! HA HA! He even took a break from opening gifts so he could go back in there. It had a basketball hoop inside and that seemed to really keep him going -- besides the constant bouncing with his friends.

Since I knew I would be approaching my due date, the last thing I wanted to do was prepare lunch! We had Toy Story Tacos from Antonia--yummy! I was craving these things since I booked her in November! She comes with everything you need--including plates, napkins, just pay per person and she does the work! I am obsessed with her salsa and hot carrots! She owns a taco shop but caters on the side. 619-449-2104. 

Auntie Autumn took tons of pictures to capture the day!

drinks! Dad shared his new kegerator with the adult guests.

Time for presents and cake!

Ryan gets Bullseye's cookie!

Sierra made this!!! Pin the parts on Mr. Potato!
Jackson didn't want to play (jumpy was calling) but his friends loved it!

Mr. Potato winners feasted on these--
a spin off from our Reindeer Pops.
stuffing goodie bags for the 24 kids!

Jack really looks up to Connor (4)! He is so cool!
His mommy went to high school with Uncle Orion and Uncle Noah!

No nap on your party day = falling asleep at dinner!

Our Space Ranger is about to turn three and I really can't believe it! He is so grown up and really taking on the role of being a Big Brother seriously. He is finally playing independently for long periods of time, loves going to preschool, and enjoys all of his friends. My favorite thing to do is to listen to him play with his toys and hear him talking for them. It is the cutest thing ever!  How did three years pass by so fast? I am glad I have this blog to refer back to because it has documented my favorite three years of being with Sierra and our son! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Riley is full term and still in the womb...the waiting game begins!

Yep the belly button is sticking out even more!

37 weeks FLEW by. It feels like we were just looking at the pregnancy test, seeing the heartbeat for the first time, sharing with family and friends our good news...and any week now Jackson really will welcome home his little brother or sister! We can hardly wait!

...and now these last weeks will slowly drag on and each night I will think this might be my last before baby! This waiting and not knowing is the hardest part of pregnancy in my opinion. For a Type A like myself, the unplanned part of going into labor, my water breaking, where will Jackson be, etc. is driving me nuts and causing me to wake up at 4 a.m. and STAY AWAKE. 

Yep, insomnia issues have returned. I asked the doctor if it was ok to take a "blue dreamer" (Kirkland P.M.) every other night. She said of course...and that I needed my rest before the birth of this little boy or girl. Which is why I officially start maternity leave tomorrow! YAY! Jackson will still be in preschool full time until just before Valentine's Day but that doesn't mean I can't bring him in late or pick him up me time to prepare the nursery some more, run errands, and of course, REST. I am looking forward to it! 

P.S. We celebrated Big Brother's 3rd birthday early over the weekend...will post pix soon! So much fun to see him SO excited!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Over the Christmas festivities Sierra painted and added chair railing to Jackson's play room, which is now his Big Brother Room. He moved bedrooms so that Baby Riley could be closer to us. It is weird having him down the hall now...he seems so far away. 

We kept the baby monitor...excuse me, Big Boy monitor, in there so we can keep an eye and ear on him. He adjusted well! Especially since his room seemed brand new with the paint he helped pick out. The day after Christmas, Grandpa Terry and Sierra moved Jackson's furniture in and we set up...four hours later Gram wondered aloud if I was nesting. 
Which got me I?

I don't remember feeling the urge to organize when I was prego with Jackson. But, I also didn't have to plan ahead about what I was going to do with a toddler if suddenly my water broke in the middle of the night, at work, etc. I pretty much have been worrying about that for the last 7 months...waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety and insomnia. No fun. But we can only plan so much! 

Entering the Big Brother Room

closet of toys and books...we fold most clothes


Warning--that little Cars chair  talks really loud!

I spent winter break washing baby items (new and used), getting the baby gear out of our garage, and preparing Big Brother for the arrival of his baby brother or sister. So sounds like nesting I suppose...or being a Type A.

Week 34--purchased a dresser for Jackson, chair for our family room, 
and chair for our bedroom.
Gotta be comfy while nursing!

Sierra made progress on Riley's nursery last weekend--he is nesting, too. Today his dad came to help him build a shelf in the garage for his tools. He is setting up the crib and such this weekend. Can't wait! Oh wait, yes I can! 

Riley's nursery colors will be blue and green if a boy and pink and green if a girl. We will decorate once baby arrives...which could be sooner than I was expecting. 
I start my maternity leave in a week because I need some time to rest according to my doctor. I keep having a swollen left leg and I am a "good one centimeter" dilated. I was extremely exhausted working with my students this week. This big belly is heavy! Jackson likes to say his legs are swollen, too, and puts them up on a pillow. 

I really need Riley to chunk up some more and arrive after Jackson's early birthday party (next weekend) and Kelly's baby shower (the weekend after). 

Please, please, please Riley...stay put for a couple more weeks! 

Your Mama

::Ending 2011::

December flew much fun having the house decorated and I really didn't want to take the decorations down! But then I suddenly found energy to pack it all up and put up Valentine's Day things -- it's never too early to have LOVE around the home! 

Christmas Eve was spent in our new home with family. I made my first prime rib (delicious!) and we enjoyed a long evening of food, drinks, and merry times opening gifts and playing games. Jackson said he heard Santa's bells and stayed up very late being social. On Christmas morning Jack slept in and came down to find Santa's gifts. FUN!!!

 After a yummy breakfast we went for a walk at Lake Miramar and visited some ducks, geese, and Canadian Loons with Gram and Grandpa.

New Year's was low key this year. Uncle Noah and Auntie Laura visited and we had fun with them bringing in 2012! Can't wait to visit them in their new home! This is going to be such a FABULOUS year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful end to 2011! 
May you have happiness, love, and excellent health in 2012!