Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Jackson had his first trip to urgent care over the weekend after his buddy accidentally hit him in the forehead with a penguin grabber from Sea World. Poor guy had blood everywhere which made it hard to locate where the cut was coming from. Thankfully it was a small gash on his forehead near his hairline. Sierra urged me to take him to the doctor and luckily there was no wait! We had planned to check in early to our hotel room for a much anticipated office party for Pacific Debt, Inc.

The attending doctor told Jackson a few cheesy math jokes which I really appreciated as someday I will be teaching again and can use the new material.

What did zero say to eight? ...Nice, belt!

Jackson was glued instead of stitches because of the location and age...a bit wiggly as he sat in my lap being examined. At the end of our visit the doctor encouraged me to put Jackson on TV or commercials because of his advanced verbal skills. Um...ok doc can you tell me how to clean this wound please?

After a quick trip to the grocery store to get Jackson anything he wanted (he was pretty brave), I quickly fed Riley, packed, finished the babysitter's plans...and we were off to a night away from the kids!

We had a little too much fun and I officially pumped and dumped. Plus I have a bruise from a fall after leaning into a flimsy casino table. Sierra and I both spent Sunday in bed and the couch between kid duties. Ouchies for all!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thinking of those angels

As I drove to pick up Jackson from pre school I heard the news. Lives taken too early at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Jackson told me the three things he did today (my rule before he earns IPad time) and I realized those 26 victims--innocent children and teaching professionals--won't be sharing their day with their families ever again. Ever. I keep hugging Jackson and Riley and thinking about those families. Counting my blessings and saying extra prayers.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Terrific Months!

Riley is 10 months old and it makes me cry thinking about how fast this year has gone by yet excited to see what 2013 has in store for us. 

She hardly would sit still for this picture! 
We have been blessed with this beautiful baby girl and her adorable big brother who all of the sudden is finally really fitting into his 3T pants and 4T shirts! As Riley's year has been marked by big milestones, Jackson keeps on growing in height, weight, knowledge, and abilities. Jackson learned to hang from the monkey bars this month with his muscles and is proud to show off his balancing skills. Jackson can't stop talking about his 4th birthday plans and we finalized his invitations this week. He actually came up with the list of friends to invite this year! He can't wait to have his Jake and the Neverland Pirate Party at Pump it Up. The boy loves to jump, jump, jump!

And Miss Riley Grace...she still continues to be our dream baby although she is looking and acting more and more like a toddler these days! Over her ninth month she discovered that if her hands are hidden in long sleeves (like when getting dressed), this is a little mysterious! "Where did my hands go?" She seems to wonder.

Helping to decorate the Christmas tree. 

Riley's hair is growing more and more and looks just like mine did as a baby -- fine and lots of it -- and of course a natural blond. Wink! Wink!

Eye color has seemed to change -- she has blue on the outer iris and green in the middle. So depending on what she's wearing, her eyes look green or blue.

She loves her dolly Babbette, her Cuddle Bear, her yellow blankie from Mommy Nannette, and Bubba.

Riley learned to throw a ball and roll it to us this month! 

Playing with the cat water fountain.
Riley is standing a lot and taking a few initial first steps. She still claps when she does this or raises her hands like a touchdown. I think she will be walking by Christmas. So much for her pediatrician's thoughts about Thanksgiving.

Speaking of...Riley enjoyed her first Thanksgiving and all of the fixings! She LOVES to eat! She eats three regular meals, two snacks, and sometimes an extra dinner with the family! She is still nursing at least six times a day and sometimes up to nine! 

Sleep is still consistent: 9-11 am, 2-3 pm, and 7pm-6am. If I am not at home before her naps, she falls asleep right on the dot and wakes her big eyes up as soon as we are home = missed nap. So I try my hardest to be home for naps! We all need it! 

Riley is super active and I think this might be why she hasn't walked more than a few steps -- it's too slow for her fast pace. She would rather race, or crawl, to what she wants. If the gate isn't up by the stairs she is over there in a heartbeat and cries when we put it up. Ha!

Over the ninth month Riley learned to give hugs and added two new teeth for a total of four--three on the bottom and one on the top.

Riley is using her words more and more: up, cat, Bubba, Dada, Mama, yeah, and hi. She waves goodbye, hello, and good night (for bed). She also learned to give high fives!

Santa's little helper decorating the tree!

Elmer Elf came into our home over this last month!
Riley is super patient and can play with her box of toys for up to 20 minutes at a time -- so different from Jackson as a baby. She has zero interest in TV (again so different than brother) and would rather dance to the music we listen to on a daily basis. She loves to dance and sing! I think she will be excited about her first birthday -- we are planning a musical theme for our sweet baby girl! February will be a busy month for us with two back to back birthdays for our little loves!

Elmer left us a North Pole Breakfast on December 1st!

Thanks, Brother, for holding this for us! 10 months flew by!