Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run, Dada!!!

Sierra and his brother Noah ran the La Jolla Half Marathon today. They had a great time running from Del Mar to La Jolla and Mama and Aunt Laura met them at the finish line! Laura took some great photos--she is getting pretty good at snapping these as Noah has been running A LOT lately! Sierra and Noah will run the Rock and Roll Marathon in June--on Grammy's birthday! We will all cheer Team Izzard on that day, too! Jackson enjoyed looking at all the runners and doggies...and kept saying "Dada" to the guys running by...and then we spotted him and Dada gave Jackson a kiss and continued to the finish line! =)

What a great run, Dada
There goes Dada!

Jack shows his spirit!

Jackson, Sierra, and Noah

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Fun!

Earth Day!
My social calendar is full! Another bday party...

Bunny from Gram and Grandpa

A walk with Grandpa and Grammy =)

Showing Dada how hungry the caterpillar was...and showing his Kobe spirit!

Jackson learned to say "yellow," so we used the Crayolas to create his first work of art. He also now says, "ready? set? go!!!" and throws a ball (or anything else in his hand). It is hilarious and so much fun to play with him. Jack echos a lot of what we say, and sometimes I don't even know that I say the things I say until I hear him repeating me! He ran up to me the other morning and said, "pretty" about my necklace. Uncle Noah and Auntie Laura are finally coming to visit! Jackson has been practicing saying their names. Noah is easy to say, since "no" is such a favorite!

1st Haircut-...14 1/2 months old

On our way in to clean up my 'do!

This place looks fun!


That was fast! No tears!

Dada and Mama took Jackson to get his first hair cut on Saturday. We took him to the same sports place Dada goes to, so it was neat to see what the guys experience inside this place. The whole shop is dedicated to Jackson wore a sports-themed onesie to match. After running around and yelling each time he found a ball somewhere, he was super silent once he sat in "the chair." He was a little nervous about what to expect as the paparazzi clicked away...and the hairstylist began to mist and snip. His little baby hairs fell to the floor and soon we had a big boy toddler staring back at us with huge, blue eyes. Where did our little Babydoll go? He really is a big boy now! He didn't even flinch as she cut away his fine hair...but he did wipe the little wisps from his face. Should I have saved some locks?!? The stylist said he was her easiest and BEST client all day! After the fastest haircut ever, we met the Bartels for dinner and showed off the new 'do.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waiting for Dada

Jackson anxiously waits for Dada to come home from work as
he looks through the kitty door for Sierra to pull into the garage.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We woke up on Easter morning and found out that the Easter Bunny had hopped up the mountain to our Julian cabin and left us Easter goodies! I think this was Jackson's first holiday where he was really excited and anticipated the celebration! He wore bunny ears all week at home and day care and would say, "hop! hop! hop!" when he saw a bunny or the ears. He put them on himself! They sang Easter songs at day care so he tried to sing along by saying "hop!" and marching. Sierra and I heard him sing, "baby, baby, Jesus" and we are pretty sure that was from his day care adventures, too.

We practiced looking for eggs so he was ready for the big day! After checking out his basket, Jackson took his new little bunny around and squeezed it really tight. We drove home from Julian after feeding some geese and hunted for eggs in our front yard. We took all of his bunnies and sat with them for a picture...last year he sat next to his first bunny and wore the same ears:

Not so happy about the ears...Easter 2009

Easter basket goodies 2010

Hunting for eggs @ home
Where's the candy?!
My basket is empty!
All of my bunnies...hop! hop! hop!
So happy for Easter!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Julian Mini Vacation

Our sweet little cabin--so cute and clean!
Checking out our view of nature.
Hmmm...what to eat?
Gotta love the Julian pies!
Fishing with Dada!
Feeding the geese and ducks on Easter Sunday
Jackson enjoyed the spaghetti dinner, but still says Mama's spaghetti is the best!

We spent last weekend in Apple Pie Land...Julian. We had a great time in our little cabin in the woods above Lake Cuyamaca. The wild turkeys were awesome to watch and we even had deer come into the backyard! Jackson saw the ducks and geese while Dada fished. We ate at a yummy Italian restaurant both nights since the fishing was unsuccessful. The pie is really worth the calories! The three of us split a slice of apple boysenberry for dessert. YUM! We walked off the pie by walking from our cabin to the lake and walking downtown Julian (ok it's not that long of a walk, but for a toddler it is).