Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Kid Things

These kids keep growing! When I have a few minutes to myself at the end of the day, I often wonder where my babies went and if they are getting older then that means I must be, wonder I've started putting on eye cream at night. I promise you those wrinkles by my eyes are from squeezing my eyes shut and pushing them out on their birth days!

Jackson started his first micro soccer league two weeks ago. Although he's one of the smallest kids on Team Pluto, he seems big to us. His best position is goalie. It's pretty funny to watch four and five year olds trying to get the ball from their own teammates and then score in the opposing team's goal. Jackson has his yearly check up this week so we will see just how big he is...and brave...immunization time.

Riley is doing big kid things, too. Now that her right arm is out of a cast, she has been feeding herself with a spoon and fork. She's trying to run but speed walks instead, usually tripping at the end. She tries to keep up with Jackson and climbs on everything, tackles him, and plays tug of war in the car with him--we all giggle!

Oh these two...I love them so much...even with the wrinkles they gave me...I'm sure grey hairs are next!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aloha, Kauai!

Flying home tonight. We will miss our relaxing vacation time and lazy days at the beach!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Aloha from Kauai!

We have been in Kauai already for one week and each day is more amazing!

We started our trip on the south part of the island, at the Sheraton on Poipu Beach. Sierra's parents were staying about 20 minutes away in Lihue and met up with us each day as I had planned activities for us all to do...starting with drinks by the pool of course!

On Tuesday, Sierra's parents flew home and we packed our bags to head to the North Shore--Princeville. We chose a condo for the remaining 9 days because we have found it's a lot easier with kids to have a home base where you can cook meals, do laundry, and do normal daily things. Although I do miss the turn down service of a hotel.

The condo we are in is bigger than our first home and the views are amazing--you can see the ocean from every room--even the walk in closet. We love waking up to the sound of the waves--which today were an impressive 18-20 feet!

We have done a lot over the last week including beach time daily, Easter Egg hunting, pool time, massages, a helicopter tour of the island (I was sick within minutes as I predicted), a luau, walks, golf (Sierra), park time, story time at the library, resting, reading, lighthouse visit, and lots of family bonding time.

Sierra is celebrating his tenth year at PDI and we are blessed to be able to spend this time together -- it's his longest vacation in 12 years! Although he did mention to me that "the kids are a lot of work" and going to work was sometimes more relaxing. Ha! Riley is teething and has been a little moody but seemed to improve today. She is also all over the place and enjoys furniture rearranging three times a day on the lanai or inside the condo. Jackson could spend all day in the water. He is so tired by the end of the day that we have been skipping his bedtime stories. Five more days in paradise...

P.S. Riley is 14 months old today! Loves her books, brother, clothes, animals, and food. Yep, still nursing. But every four hours! And one nap a day!! New word: "shhh!" when we see birds or go in the library. Only six teeth and it feels like she has been teething forever--her last two came at 8 months! Over our vacation Riley has found that climbing is her new sport. She climbs on EVERYTHING. I guess a broken arm did not stop her...She sure is a happy little girl!

Helicopter tour of the for a few minutes!

Some of our first of many drinks...

Hanalei Bay...amazing

Lunch where George Clooney sat in the Descendants

Sunset from the condo--Bali Hai a few miles away.

Watching whales from the condo.

The beach below the condo--it's amazing after a little hike down (kinda scary  when carrying Riley).

Loves, loves, loves the ocean.

Walk outside the Sheraton in Poipu.

Another day on Hanalei Bay!


Sierra golfed Makai

Maitais by Sierra

Fun chalk center in Hanalei

Lighthouse visit

Outside the condo--Riley and I walk past this view in the mornings!

Kilauea Lighthouse

Swinging at the park before the Farmer's Market

daily beach time

14 months today!!!

Luau at the Sheraton

Sushi and fresh fish @ The Dolphin in Hanalei

mmmm love the pineapple from the mai tai!

Sake bombs? Ok!


Climbing anchors before dinner!