Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. Biscuit

Asking for you to put our kitty Biscuit in your thoughts. I took him to the vet over the weekend after two weeks of constant litter box action along with some other odd behavior. Turns out Biscuit celebrated his 8th birthday with a three inch kidney stone. 

Have you ever seen a cat get an ultrasound? Jackson and I have...it made us laugh seeing him upside down with nurses holding his paws gently while the doctor scanned his big belly. It also made me laugh when Biscuit found comfort in Jackson and cuddled up to him while we waited for the vet. Jackson said, "Mom! Biscuit got his fur on me!" He was shedding a ton because he was so stressed out. 

I cried when the vet called me yesterday to share the results of his urine test: the good news is that he didn't have a bladder infection but the upsetting news  was they found "a considerable amount" of blood in his urine. He doesn't appear to be in pain but he is constantly in his box trying to use it and I believe sometimes nothing comes out. We are encouraging more water drinking (thanks, Dr. Julie!) with this fancy water fountain.

We also changed his diet to a "special food" that we can only get at the vet. Who knew animals needed prescriptions, too? So I'll be picking up a month's supply tomorrow for both Biscuit and Abby because there is no way I can divide their meals with different types of food! The special diet should help break down the stone. We will have another ultrasound in a month to see if it works. If it doesn't...then we discuss surgery options. Ugh. Praying the food works!

P.S. Why do cats cry all the way to the vet but then are silent on the way back? I guess they figure we are going back home and not taking them to the pound like we threaten at least once a month. 

Get better, Mr. B! xoxo

Abby wanted to be a part of this entry, too!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jack's 1st Day of Camp

J insisted on carrying his own lunch bag

...enough with the paparazzi -- let's go to camp!
We enrolled Jackson in a preschool camp twice a week for half days this summer. He has two friends in the class with him--Celeste and Vianica. The class is for ages 3+ but since our little guy is so advanced (brag, brag), he was enthusiastically accepted. Each day there is a theme to the camp. Yesterday's theme was Pajama Day. It was also our first day. Yep, our first day, because the night before I couldn't sleep and I cried after I left him with his teachers, Ms. Linh and Ms. Melissa. Jack was SO excited about going and gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "bye, Mama!" The camp meets in this huge playroom and the first thing Jack did was look at himself in the giant mirror (influenced from dad), and then grabbed two firechief hats and played in the kitchen. When I picked  him up at the end of camp, he was eating his lunch with the other kids and ran off to play Legos with BIG boys. Apparently he found a 7 year old buddy to hang out with all day named Trent. He also showcased his sports talents by making a 5 foot shot in the basketball hoop. He adjusted to this new experience very well--the only tears came from me. The only tantrum was when we left the Lego table. We can't wait for next week...Bubble Mania and Ice Cream Party!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lake Tahoe

My last day of work/school was last Tuesday and we jumped on a plane to Reno. It was the best way to begin summer vacation! 

We spent the last week visiting Uncle Orion and Auntie Mariola in South Lake Tahoe. We had PERFECT weather and an amazing time! Jackson experienced his first boat ride to Emerald Bay, hiking, biking, swimming, resting, and lots of ice cream! On both flights, Jackson opted to stay awake and enjoy the ride. He LOVES airplanes! He was the entertainment in the airport terminals dragging his luggage along...he is definitely in the "I-can-do-it-by-myself" stage!

making Daddy's Father's Day gift before our trip

Lots of Izzards!

it's like living in a postcard here!

roaring like a bear

sierra and I now think good service means crayons are given upon entering!

car show = love

we didn't gamble...just used tokens to play games!

for $3 of tokens you, too, can have a hacky sack and two dinos!

my yearly exercise

ice cream with sprinkles of course!

someone loves presents more than Sierra!

finished frame -- Sierra is moving to a new office so he will add this to his wall!

"thank you Uncle Orion. I love you!"

jet setter

ready to fly home!

we celebrated Biscuit's bday a day late...see the lizard Jack gave him?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chooooooooooo Choooooooooooo!

Over Memorial Day Weekend we went to visit Gram, Grandpa, Uncle Noah and Auntie Laura in Ventura. Gram had the great idea to take a 1930's passenger train ride that left Fillmore and chugged at a snail's pace. It made a couple of vendor stops where we picked up some fresh honey and lunch. Memories were priceless and the weather was perfect! Jackson LOVES trains and this was his first ride on a real train! He keeps talking about meeting the conductor and how he had a walkie talkie. It was a long day for our little guy...he fell asleep on Grandpa's lap on the ride home.

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

All Aboard!

Jackson didn't want to let go of his ticket.

First stop--the Loose Caboose