Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sick Days

Riley came down with a fever Monday night. It was up to 103 at one point even after switching between Tylenol and Advil. She was MISERABLE and her face looked puffy. It was worth our $75 co-pay to see Urgent Care...sinus infection for our little girl. I was happy to get antibiotics for her. She started feeling better today and didn't wake up at all last night. Jackson woke up instead with a fever of his own. Now he is miserable and it makes me so sad to see these two sick!!!! However, they are both napping right now at the same time....pretty rare around here since Jack gave his naps up a year ago. What should I do first? Online shopping? Crafting? Organizing? What do you do when the kiddos are napping?

Smiling through the puffy face.

Not happy to lay down for nap.

Riley is feeling better with antibiotics. Jackson feels awful now.

Hugs for sick brother!

A nap!!!

Update: I organized the office! It ends up being a disaster zone because it's kinda hidden away...and will be more hidden once we have a door installed...more on that later! 

We say it's an office but really it's a craft room!

Home Depot door we need you! 

The kids have fully recovered from their illnesses and I kinda think Riley had a sinus infection plus the bug Jackson came down with...they were able to celebrate all weekend in Ventura with Gram and family for her big 65th birthday, and then Brooklyn Belle, who turned one (pictures below)! Gram's post will come tomorrow!

Brooklyn and Riley check out Jackson's shoes.

The little ladies: Riley (15 months), Brooke (12 months), and Laura (10 months)

Jackson really enjoys the babies now that he's an experienced brother!

A rare moment--Riley watching TV. Or maybe it was the cat under the TV?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Riley's 1st Hair Appointment

Profile view before the tiny trim!
Jackson has pictures this week for pre-school and Tae Kwon Do so it was time for his hair to be cut...and little sister joined him because her bangs were getting in the way and she is already not so graceful on her feet (although her name is Riley Grace)...I found a place near Uncle Clint's that specializes in child haircuts and they did a fantastic job on both kids: Bambinos in Carmel Valley. 

Riley was up first and Jackson played in the play area as she sat silently. I had a flashback to Jackson's first trim as soon as they put a cape on her and sprayed her hair. He was one month younger than she is now. There was another baby around the corner screaming but Riley held it together and didn't crack a smile until she was "all done." Aloha Bear sat with her to keep her company. We kept a little lock of her fine baby hair to put in her scrapbook album so she will always know what her natural hair color is in case she decides to color it when she's 21. Then we watched brother get his hair cut...and we were off  to Jackson's last soccer game, looking so much better! 

Here's Jackson at 14 1/2 months

Here we go...Riley is 15 1/2 months

Riley's "all done" and Jackson is next!

He's a pro!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Already?!

These two love the water so the heat we have felt over the past few days hasn't bothered Jackson or Riley because we have been getting wet! The sunsets have been amazing...we love summer!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This weekend brought me so much happiness. Everywhere we went strangers would tell me "Happy Mother's Day" and I have never felt prouder! Jackson and Riley bring me so much joy and I really do love being their Mama. Thank you kids for making me a Mama...and thank you Sierra for helping a bit with that, too! ;)

I hope you all had a fabulous day spent as an expectant, new, or "experienced" mom!! It seems that even though I've been a mother for four years, each day these two teach me something new about parenting or myself. I'm always on my toes! Xoxo

A rare family picture!

Gram and Grandpa came down for the weekend to help celebrate!  

Riley loves the new table and chairs we picked up at Ikea.

Mother's Day Breakfast at Jackson's school.
4 & 5 year olds say the silliest things!

The boy who made me a Mama!

Birch Aquarium on Mother's Day 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


These two are loving each other more and more as they spend their days together doing what kids do best--playing.

Speaking of playing, over the weekend Sierra and I spent the day and night in Temecula. We celebrated our birthdays (34 & 36)--we have birthdays three days apart and the kids are four days apart (plus years). We had so much fun wine tasting and a leisurely lunch at Ponte Winery, dinner at the Temecula Creek Inn (where we stayed) and an amazing Cinco de Mayo breakfast at Baja Cactus. Seriously we want to go back for that food...and wine at Ponte because we are now members. Ha! Thank you Auntie Autumn and Uncle Marco for taking care of the littles! It was a well needed and anticipated day as just two.

This place was delicious. We might drive back just for the food! kids!

Ponte Winery--we decided to join. 

Came home with 12 bottles and a membership. 

Jackson and Riley love chasing each other, playing hide and seek, reading together, and playing in their kitchen. Yesterday Riley had her well baby check up: 22 lbs., 30" (50th percentiles) and 18.5" head (85th%). Dr. Upton said we had another advanced child and complemented us on our parenting. Riley is ahead in her motor skills and has 15 words that she uses on special occasions. For example, last night at dinner we were talking about the bunny that has been in our yard over the last two months. It has been a joy watching him grow bigger by the treats we leave for him. I spotted him and Sierra and Jackson asked, "Where?" Riley pointed out the window and said in a loud and clear voice, "There it is!" Her newest words are: duck, bubble, and Jackson. She didn't like getting her finger pricked for the lead and hemoglobin tests. Or maybe it was the plain band aid the nurse put on her finger that bothered her--she enjoyed the three sparkly ones on her legs from shots. No more check ups until 2! Wow!

Watching Jack play soccer.

LJ Shores--water temperature wasn't too bad!

Celebrating National Brother and Sister Day--Jackson took her hand without prompting. LOVE.

Spent part of my birthday with these two at the park.

Daddy ran the LJ Half Marathon on his birthday with a great time considering he only trained for two weeks!

Brunch with friends for Daddy's birthday.

Jackson didn't cry at his 4 year check up--last shots until 10! Dr. Upton  couldn't contain his smile listening to Jackson answer all of his questions. He was impressed by his vocabulary, eagerness to learn, and his outgoing attitude. Jackson weighed in at 38 lbs. and is 38.5 inches. 50th and 3rd percentile. Our little guy with big brains!

His ears DO work! Diagnosis: Ignoring Mama