Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Riley is 6 weeks old!

If you are just checking us out for the first time, welcome! So happy you turned Riley's birth announcement over and better yet, spent the time to see our family blog!

Amazing how fast time can fly! It seemed like we were just jumping up and down in excitement over my water breaking (and not having an induction).

Riley slept 8 1/2 hours two nights ago--her most yet! Pediatrician said that is just fine since she has regular long awake periods during the day...brother is good at helping with these times.

She also weighed in at...are you ready (because I am not)...11 1/2 pounds!!! 23 1/2 inches long!!! No wonder she has been sporting 3 month outfits for a few weeks (Sniff!! Sniff!). Jackson better have a major growth spurt soon!

A few nights ago we were eating dinner and I put Riley down on her activity matt for tummy time. She rolled to her back...thinking I must have put her down in a launch position, I put her back on her tummy. Sierra, Jackson, and I all saw 5 week old Muscles push to her back with a huge smile on her face. Amazing!

Riley is still nursing every 2 hours except for her bedtime slumber (when I pump). I need to look into donating milk because our freezer is filled. I overproduce and she isn't needing/taking bottles on a regular basis. Usually "Ri" averages 5 hours of sleep at night and she is like a little clock...at 10pm she lays in her bed and falls asleep on her own (yay!).

Still reading? Wow you really like the online baby book format, huh?

Riley has contributed almost 500 diapers to the San Diego landfill since birth. How would I know, you may ask? Well I have purchased the best ap ever for babies...called Baby Connect -- it logs everything from health to diapers!! Thank you, New Mommy Virginia, (and such a good mom, too) for sharing this with me!!! Best $5 I have spent in a long time! Or was it $6? Whatever. Inflation.

Ok picture time! Most of you are here for this part! Sign up at the bottom to get email notifications. :) xoxo

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucky and Blessed

"Luckiest Girl Ever" dress from the Prasts. 
Love our little shamrocks and we are blessed to have them in our lives! Hope you had a fun St. Patty's Day!

We woke up to Jackson's toy basket topsy-turvy and little green footprints by our doors! Jackson discovered some gold coins and a new box of sidewalk chalk. Those leprechauns sure are tricky...it was raining today so using the chalk wasn't an option!

"Lil Shamrock" from the McKerchers...Jackson has his "Kiss Me, I'm Irish"  t-shirt.
For breakfast Sierra scrambled some green eggs and dinner included corned beef, cabbage, green mashed potatoes and shamrock (green) milk!

Another week passes too fast! I finally put Riley's birth announcements in the mail and started writing thank you notes. I feel so behind with those kinds of things but am spending my time nursing every two hours, cuddling my wee ones, and enjoying Jackson time. Riley is sleeping 5-7 hours a night so we all feel lucky!!!
Catching up on a good book!

I took Jackson to see The Lorax and we had so much fun eating popcorn and viewing the movie...alone! Riley slept, ate, and slept. 
I also came down with the evil mastitis again this week but was able to catch it early enough that I didn't need the antibiotics and used natural remedies (plus extra sleep) to get rid of the nasty infection. Raw potato slices in your bra, anyone?

70 degrees outside and no chance of rain...gotta wear the boots, though!
Having fun during the previews!
Wednesday morning at the movies...a great place to nurse!

5 weeks old...so expressive! My favorite word is, "Ah-goo!"

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Riley turned one month this week! She enjoys tummy time with Jackson and can hold her head up really high. Yesterday she did a half roll from her tummy to side. Next she will be applying for college.

Yesterday we visited Daddy at work and she slept the whole time. Then we walked over to Petco Park and Jack ran the bases a few times and then practiced zig zags for soccer using grass markers.

Jackson had his dentist appointment and finally opened his mouth! He did great and the hygienist was impressed. Year one and two he sat in the chair with his mouth closed but I guess it paid off because this time he actually had his teeth cleaned. I got to hold the suction as Riley slept. Jackson loved the suction! He chose a Cars book from the treasure chest and exclaimed, "Mama--there are BOOKS in the treasure chest!!!"

Riley is the sweetest girl. She LOVES warm baths (don't you dare sprinkle a cold drop!). She sleeps at least four hours a night and even slept seven hours two nights ago. Of course I kept waking up to listen for her breathing noises on the monitor. She has been in her crib and nursery since her first day home...so different from the first born!