Friday, November 22, 2013

Turkey Handprint 101

I'm a sucker for kid hand and footprints. I have been stamping and painting Jackson's digits since he was a few days old and probably won't stop until he moves out for college. He says he will stay and won't be like Andy from Toy Story 3, but we shall least I will have his and Riley's prints tucked away somewhere in the guestroom!

I get asked a lot about how to craft prints and I think the turkey is the easiest and most old school that they come, so I decided to show you. 

Supplies: Washable paint (I like Crayola--you can find this set at Michael's and it lasts forever...or at least a year's worth of handprint crafts).

Construction paper, paintbrushes, glue, wiggle eyes, table covering, paper plates for paint, smocks or aprons for kids, and baby wipes for spills and quick clean ups.

Tip: Gather your supplies while the babies are asleep so they won't need something while you're counting out wiggly eyes. 

1. Gather your turkeys.

2. Explain what you're going to do. Show them an example if you have one (do that at nap!). 

3. Pour paint onto a paper plate and talk about the colors you will be using.  

4. Paint the hand and thumb brown.

Jackson painted his own hand this year!
5. Paint the other fingers various colors for feathers. 

Riley believes you should wear a bow when painting!
6. Gently press down on paper. Say, "1, 2, 3! Lift up!"

7. Compliment your turkeys about what lovely prints they made!

8. Clean the kids up and have them watch the next part with a snack. 

9. Either fold the paper to create a card or cut out to glue on a pre-made card (you can get those at Michael's).

10. Paint a beak, gobbler, and feet. Tip: use a Q-tip if you don't have thin paintbrushes. 

11. Once the turkeys are dry, glue an eyeball on.

12. Send off to someone you love! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Time in Washington

Last week we traveled to Washington to visit the newlyweds, Laura and Noah, at their new home in Silverdale, a suburb of Kitsap County. Sierra and I have been to Seattle a couple of times together but this was our first time to outside of the Seattle area-a ferry ride away. Also a first time with kids to the Pacific Northwest.

Our Fur Nephew, Pender

The kids did so well on the flights. On the way there, Alaska Airlines gave us a seat for our lap baby, Riley, which made the flight more comfortable. On the way home she slept half the time and was happy the other half. They received lots of compliments. Good thing she's still nursing because the pressure from descending really hurt her ears. On the flight home, Riley knew right away what to do--pull my shirt down. Glad the lady sitting across the aisle was sleeping! 

We went on a few hikes and Jackson was pretty agreeable. I think the Komen 5K we did a few weeks ago helped build his stamina. It is so beautiful seeing the autumn leaves on the ground and everything is SO green. It didn't rain too much while we were there but Laura said a big storm came in the morning after we left. The weather was really nice, actually. Jackson complained it was too cold--50 degrees one day outside. We were bundled up one day at the park while other children were in short sleeves. 

The kids enjoyed the ferry ride to Seattle on Saturday. We did a day trip and enjoyed the touristy spots: Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks, street performers, wind up toys galore, a bookstore (we introduced Where's Waldo to Jackson), had our first Piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky--the kids really loved the hazelnut dessert Piroshky, and beers for the adults before we headed back with a sleeping Riley in our arms. We decided on no stroller or carrying device this trip because she's such a great walker and we had four adults to take turns carrying her around. 

We are missing Laura and Noah already but will see them at Christmastime when they visit Ventura. We are happy to be home and back to our normal routines, too. We are looking forward to visiting them again when it's warmer...for Jackson.  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Halloween Hoopla

 Jackson discovered this beautiful rainbow one morning at breakfast after a little rain.

Phew. I needed a couple weeks to catch my breath! October was an exciting and busy month. As we checked off the days, and got closer to Halloween, the excitement for it intensified...especially from Jackson. He couldn't wait to decorate for Fall and Halloween...and made me get the boxes out on the first official day of Autumn. His class made all sorts of fun decor that embellished their classroom and our walls at home. Riley joined the excitement by saying "BOO!" to every ghost she encountered. We even splurged on a new Halloween dancing mummy that plays "Thriller." CVS always aims to please the Izzard kids.  

Our neighbors, the Scelfo Family, host an annual Pumpkin Carving contest and this year was the biggest and best. Even the SDPD stopped by as the party was winding down. No citations for beer in the street, just warnings about kids racing down the street on bikes and plasma cars. 

I CAN have my cake and eat it, too!

Our shark didn't win a prize but he looked cool lit up!
Riley wearing her dalmatian jacket to Trader Joe's one chilly morning. 
 Our friends, the Bartels, hosted a toddler Halloween party on the Monday before Halloween. We ditched music class for a fun morning of crafting and cute snacks. Dani is so crafty! 
Baby Gigi the owl with Ri  the Dalmatian. 
Always a teacher!
Riley and Avery the Cow

Braden and Jackson

Abby as a Wonderpet (she has a cape on).

Riley loved her pumpkins so much. She put them in bed and decorated with hair bows (of course).
Each year the local shopping center hosts a daytime trick or treating event. We took the kids and they got treats from the different shops and restaurants. They had lots of fans! 

 We made lots of Skinny Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins in October! They are so yummy!

Riley became more efficient at mixing (i.e. no spills).

Jackson cracking his first egg by himself! 

You could really feel the excitement the week of Halloween. Jackson was SO excited hyper and his energy was on overload if that's possible. Finally, the day was here! 

Pumpkins and ghosts for breakfast
 We visited Daddy at work and stopped by the fire station across the street for a quick photo op. No firefighters present. Boo. :(

Sierra was part of a 101 Dalmatian team. He borrowed Riley's ears and tail.
Speaking of borrowing, if you're interested in refinancing  your home loan or getting one to buy a new place, let this big dalmatian know! 
Jackson and I crafted this mummy out of toilet paper, paper plates, and construction paper. He loved it and so did the trick-or-treaters. So easy!
 That night we put our costumes on for the fifth time and headed out to the Engler's pizza party/pre-trick-or-treat party. 
Treats for the pizza party. 

Firefighter Jack with his engine and puppy.

The wild Wild Meadow kids!
Sweet Claire loves Riley and Ri isn't shy with her!
Riley had more fun handing out treats than getting them. Maybe next year she will actually get out of the wagon. LOL!
Spooky! Saw this idea on a blog I spy on follow.
We gave out over 1,500 pieces of candy in 1.5 hours! Nothing was left...I even gave candy leftover from Laura and Noah's wedding candy bar! Ha! Someone out there has kisses with their picture on it! 
The one pumpkin I carved. Get it?
...until next year, Halloween!