Friday, August 27, 2010

Bye, Bye Crib...Hello Big Boy Bed!

Jackson showed us how easy it was for him to climb out of his crib last week. So we lowered it...the little monkey showed us how easy it was to still climb out...again, and again, and again. I researched the crib tent a bit and decided it wasn't in our best interest (not to mention Babies R Us took it off their shelves a year ago due to a recall)...which resulted in the only option--convert the crib.

I thought it was too soon to convert his crib, but doing so is safer than climbing out.

Alas, we have a big boy in a big boy bed! I thought it would be some special milestone but really it was a quick modification to the crib by Sierra...and voila--the toddler bed was ready for business! 

Click here for a video of Jackson exploring his big boy bed!

No big party. No shopping trip for a special new bed. No long talks about the change. No stories about big boys...our big boy was SO ready for this bed! He jumped right in, and on, and all over it with a HUGE smile because he knew what it was and he looked SO PROUD. He brought some books into bed with him, his water, his favorite animals, and after some milk and me pretending to sleep on his bed, he was fast asleep...only woke up once during the night from rolling out..."fall! fall! fall!" but a quick hug and pat on his head was all he needed to go back to sleep because, after all, he is a big boy now! 

I did it! I slept in my big boy bed! High 5, Monkey!

A few minutes old...our baby boy already smiling at us...a year-and-a-half later we still love his smiles, and find that each new stage is even more exciting!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Water Baby

Jackson LOVES the water. He could spend all day in the shower, tub, watering outside, at the beach in the ocean, or in the pool. It is challenging sometimes to get him to come out of the water. Here are some water highlights!

Jackson and I went to Marine St. in La Jolla this week...the sun finally made an appearance about noon. Here is a video of Jack at the beach

Feeding the ducks with Celeste (22 months). 

Watching the surfers go in the ocean.


 18 month photos by Ashley Perry.

We have continued Jack's swim lessons at Murray Callan Swim School. Auntie Kelly joined us yesterday  to see our little fish and do some video work. :) We started swim at 6 months and stopped for a few months after his birthday...but it was like he never left when we came back this summer. Click here for a swim video! 

Sierra and Jackson last August at swim. =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Y'all!

Last week we traveled to New Orleans and Mobile to visit family. We hadn't seen my dad or sister Cat since Thanksgiving, and having Jackson spend time with everyone was fantastic! My cousin Rick and his wife Lynn were amazing hosts--we did love the party life of New Orleans. We spent time in Mobile and Dauphin Island with Aunt Deanna and Uncle George--also wonderful hosts and yummy cooks! The beach condo was super relaxing and the pool was perfect for the hot days! Jackson loved the beach and swimming...he is such a little fish! The week flew by as we kept busy each day and stayed cool in the air conditioning...we miss everyone already! 

Jack and his BFF Millie 

BIG slide with Dada 

Yes...Jackson went on this with Sierra!

 Jackson and cousin Millie call each other

On the farm with Cat's favorite horse

Gorgeous sunset!

delicious Beignets in the French Quarter

Millie, Jack, and Bella...yeah they are related!

Checking out a horseshoe crab with Uncle George

Cat's school--University of South Alabama

How Jack flies...