Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Y'all!

Last week we traveled to New Orleans and Mobile to visit family. We hadn't seen my dad or sister Cat since Thanksgiving, and having Jackson spend time with everyone was fantastic! My cousin Rick and his wife Lynn were amazing hosts--we did love the party life of New Orleans. We spent time in Mobile and Dauphin Island with Aunt Deanna and Uncle George--also wonderful hosts and yummy cooks! The beach condo was super relaxing and the pool was perfect for the hot days! Jackson loved the beach and swimming...he is such a little fish! The week flew by as we kept busy each day and stayed cool in the air conditioning...we miss everyone already! 

Jack and his BFF Millie 

BIG slide with Dada 

Yes...Jackson went on this with Sierra!

 Jackson and cousin Millie call each other

On the farm with Cat's favorite horse

Gorgeous sunset!

delicious Beignets in the French Quarter

Millie, Jack, and Bella...yeah they are related!

Checking out a horseshoe crab with Uncle George

Cat's school--University of South Alabama

How Jack flies...


  1. i love ALLLL of these pictures!!!! Catherine looks so beautiful, especially in the last 2... and i' so happy to see that daddy took the time to brush his hair for the picture haaaaaa!!!! looks like you guys had a great time... oh and HEEWWWOOOO????? the phone call video was hillarious!!!!!

  2. p.s. you have way more pics right???

  3. awesome having u guys in town...looking fwd to getting everyone in for Mardi Gras 2011! march 3 rd to 7th

  4. Catherine looks so good - and so do the Izzards!

  5. How fun! Your little guy is getting so big! Such a sweetie.