Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2nd Trimester: 14 weeks

This Mama Hummingbird made a nest around the same time
as we conceived...she had two baby birds and now we will, too! 

Wow I am already in my second trimester! Little baby brother or sister is the size of a lemon. So at 14 weeks I am already feeling guilty that I haven't written any pregnancy memories in the books like I did with Jackson. I have been reading them, though! You quickly forget what to expect. It's fun to read the weekly developments as my body changes, too. I decided to jot some experiences down today! Mainly for myself but feel free to read!

How I found out I was pregnant: I really didn't think I would be pregnant because let's just say I was too tired during my ovulation week and had been sick for a month along with Jackson with one thing or another...but somehow two times did the trick! I missed my period but it was 31 days and I had been having a 30 day cycle lately, so I thought no biggie. I didn't feel prego. I came home from a DELAC meeting at about 9 p.m. and took a test...ran downstairs to tell Sierra the news...#2 was on the way! Daddy was super excited!

Cravings: I really, really, really want to eat fast food! It is such a gross craving. I have only given in once for some Golden Arches Fries, but seriously as I drive by every fast food place, I want it all. My good craving has been fresh fruit, which I am eating tons of: berries, nectarines, tangerines, watermelon, cantaloupe...yum! Cheese, too--especially grilled cheese! 

Changes in me: I feel like I began to show at 8 weeks. My belly started to poof out and I have read that you show earlier the second time around because everything has already been stretched out and knows what to do. Nice. Ha! I was in a new bra size by 10 weeks. Very nice! Sadly, the girls aren't as perky this time around after 18 1/2 months of nursing. At 14 weeks I can still wear my jeans without doing the rubberband trick. I noted in my last pregnancy that I needed to do this at 16 weeks. I have gained 10 pounds already and 6 of those almost immediately. I really haven't been eating any more than I do normally I promise! I think my metabolism slows down a lot when I'm prego.

Pregnancy Symptoms: When I was pregnant with Jackson, each time I went to the doctor until about 16 weeks I was skeptical that there was a baby in there because I had no symptoms other than a few cravings and weight gain. This time...lots of symptoms:
  • I wake up feeling nauseous but feel better once I eat
  • The first 8 weeks I felt sick in the morning and then it would come back in the late afternoon
  • TIRED. I am sure having a toddler contributes to this...we have been taking naps at the same time. SO glad I am on break now so I can do this! 
  • Insomnia--I wake up in the middle of the night, like at 3 or 4 a.m. to use the bathroom (I forgot about this symptom!), and can't go back to sleep after. It's horrible. I have been reading a lot or catching up on reality TV downstairs.
  • Metallic taste: During week 12 I had a yucky taste in my mouth. Each time I had anything to eat or drink, it tasted like I had a penny sitting on my tongue. This is called Dysgeusia and hopefully it doesn't return!
  • Gassy. What else can I say about this one?

11 weeks 
14 weeks


  1. SO excited for you! I wanted to congratulate you at the wedding but I never got the chance. Hubby says he was at your table and met you and Sierra!

  2. That is the sweetest video. I love that he says the baby is coming to his birthday! You look great and don't feel bad about your fast food cravings... i think that's the norm. Greasy carbs are a standard 1st trimester craving aren't they? The little birdie nest is so sweet, too. Can't wait to read about all of your updates. So happy for you guys.