Monday, June 7, 2010

:: Jackson Update ::

"bovel" for shovel...he learned to share his bovels with his friends

...JP, Jackson, and Jack (all just months from each other)

What can a 16 month old toddler do?

Jackson talks all the time and is a little parrot...too many words to list...he is over the milestone of a typical 2 year old and his doctor always is impressed by his motor skills. His favorite things to say right now at 16 months are: "uh oh!" "want it!" "get down, Abby!" "I did it!" "what?" "berry" "waffle" "hey!" "airplane" "peas & thank you or thankum" ...and of course he knows all his buddies at daycare by cute!

Jackson is running everywhere and has lots of fun bruises...but doesn't seem to mind as much as Mama does! He thinks it is really funny to climb...especially when we are not around! I like spying on him from the hallway when he doesn't see me peeking in his room getting into trouble...which is why we have timeouts for one minute now.

We recently put sand in his turtle sandbox -- so much fun! I can't wait for summer!!! He also has a basketball hoop to practice his Kobe shots! He is 100% boy! Jack is never shy about picking up books and sitting "in lap" to read. He loves truck books especially!

What does he eat? Everything!

Favorite song: remains the same...Old MacDonald

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite show: Barney (Barney, peas! Barney peas!)

Each day that passes, Sierra and I still can't believe we are lucky enough to be his parents! He is so very special!

Jackson thinks Biscuit is a lamb I guess!
He is chasing him with his toothbrush!

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