Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nothing Days

Hold on so I can catch my breath...we have had a busy April! 

Do you ever calendar "nothing days" on the weekend so you can plan on doing...nothing? We do. That's the only way we can catch up on family stuff and house projects. 

I highly recommend choosing one day a month to do "nothing" and commit to it--don't plan play dates or RSVP to birthday parties...instead enjoy the family you are creating in all this hussle and bustle. 

Of course I don't listen to my own advice and last weekend's ND was taken over by an open house...we agreed at the last minute to our third in 25 days. Let me tell you that keeping a 3,100 sf house tidy with two littles is challenging as we have had showings daily...and sometimes with only 20 minutes notice. 😳 

So we had a family date to the Children's Museum and used our new membership to enjoy the crafts, music, play areas, paint, chalk, bubbles, chickens, books, and more! 

And now that it's May tomorrow, I'm going to pencil a new ND on the calendar so I can really catch my breath. 

How do you spend your weekends? Are they crazy busy with events, chores, errands, or...?

PS the beginning of our ND was watching Sierra finish the LJ Half. Go Daddy!! 


  1. Every Sunday is family only days! Always starts with breakfast and then church and then either just us or extended family!

  2. Children's art museum!! Love that place!