Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Circle of Friends is Getting Bigger!

Sierra and I visited our good friends Tom and Jen as they shared their two beautiful sons with us -- only a day old and doing great, Tyler and Dylan Whisenant (The Whiz Kids) were each just shy of 6 lbs. and born about a month early, on Friday, September 17th! Those are big boys with big brains! 

We think Dylan looks just like his daddy Tom and Tyler like his mommy Jen. It was so much fun to visit these babies and gave us overwhelming memories of our own stay at the same hospital. It feels like yesterday we were checking in on Superbowl Sunday for my induction...and less than 12 hours later came our own beautiful son! 

Please keep Tyler and Dylan in your thoughts and prayers as they are both going to stay in the hospital until they are strong enough to go home with their loving parents. 

Sierra with Tom and his son Dylan 

You can visit the Whiz Kids' progress at a cool website Jen and Tom are updating frequently. 

Jen celebrates a special birthday today! Happy birthday, Jen! What an amazing gift (times 2) that you have to cherish forever! You look beautiful and you seem to have a double version of the New-Mommy-Glow!!

Amber with Tom and his other son Tyler

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