Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday Funday

5 months old--1st Padres game
19 months old and a HUGE sports fan!
Last Sunday we went to Jackson's first baseball game this season. It was a very different experience this year because leading up to the weekend, Jackson kept reminding us that we were going to the game: "baseball game! go! yay...baseball! yay...Padres!" As soon as we parked, he wanted to run to Petco because he could see and hear the excitement. We had great seats behind the visiting team's dugout, and Jackson was able to stand by our seats and watch the game because he was eye-level with the field. Thanks, Kevin! He really was excited by the Jumbotron. It was free slinky day so that was exciting, too! We saw the only points the Pads scored--two homeruns and then we took off to watch the Chargers game at home. Too bad they lost, too. In this video, Jack starts by saying, "dad sad!" -- he heard Sierra reacting to the painful loss...not a fun way to end our Football Sunday! 

I am SO excited to see this game!

New hat for sunny days!

P.S. Jackson really enjoys watching Nick Jr.'s Wonder Pets! We love watching it, too. The little preschool animals are adorable, have catchy songs, and teach great lessons...all in 10 minute episodes--perfect amount of time for a toddler! Jackson tries to sing their songs in this video

Our little guy thinks he is so funny when he takes the dirty clothes out and climbs in the laundry basket!

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  1. I love the wonderpets video!!!! I taught Shiko that song, i'll have him sing it to Jack next time i see him lol!!