Thursday, March 8, 2012


Riley turned one month this week! She enjoys tummy time with Jackson and can hold her head up really high. Yesterday she did a half roll from her tummy to side. Next she will be applying for college.

Yesterday we visited Daddy at work and she slept the whole time. Then we walked over to Petco Park and Jack ran the bases a few times and then practiced zig zags for soccer using grass markers.

Jackson had his dentist appointment and finally opened his mouth! He did great and the hygienist was impressed. Year one and two he sat in the chair with his mouth closed but I guess it paid off because this time he actually had his teeth cleaned. I got to hold the suction as Riley slept. Jackson loved the suction! He chose a Cars book from the treasure chest and exclaimed, "Mama--there are BOOKS in the treasure chest!!!"

Riley is the sweetest girl. She LOVES warm baths (don't you dare sprinkle a cold drop!). She sleeps at least four hours a night and even slept seven hours two nights ago. Of course I kept waking up to listen for her breathing noises on the monitor. She has been in her crib and nursery since her first day different from the first born!

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  1. What cuties you have! Love the picture of Jackson holding his sweet little sister.