Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Riley is 6 weeks old!

If you are just checking us out for the first time, welcome! So happy you turned Riley's birth announcement over and better yet, spent the time to see our family blog!

Amazing how fast time can fly! It seemed like we were just jumping up and down in excitement over my water breaking (and not having an induction).

Riley slept 8 1/2 hours two nights ago--her most yet! Pediatrician said that is just fine since she has regular long awake periods during the day...brother is good at helping with these times.

She also weighed in at...are you ready (because I am not)...11 1/2 pounds!!! 23 1/2 inches long!!! No wonder she has been sporting 3 month outfits for a few weeks (Sniff!! Sniff!). Jackson better have a major growth spurt soon!

A few nights ago we were eating dinner and I put Riley down on her activity matt for tummy time. She rolled to her back...thinking I must have put her down in a launch position, I put her back on her tummy. Sierra, Jackson, and I all saw 5 week old Muscles push to her back with a huge smile on her face. Amazing!

Riley is still nursing every 2 hours except for her bedtime slumber (when I pump). I need to look into donating milk because our freezer is filled. I overproduce and she isn't needing/taking bottles on a regular basis. Usually "Ri" averages 5 hours of sleep at night and she is like a little clock...at 10pm she lays in her bed and falls asleep on her own (yay!).

Still reading? Wow you really like the online baby book format, huh?

Riley has contributed almost 500 diapers to the San Diego landfill since birth. How would I know, you may ask? Well I have purchased the best ap ever for babies...called Baby Connect -- it logs everything from health to diapers!! Thank you, New Mommy Virginia, (and such a good mom, too) for sharing this with me!!! Best $5 I have spent in a long time! Or was it $6? Whatever. Inflation.

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  1. Holy milk stash! Yes, look into milk donation... looks like you have lots to offer. :) What a big girl little MIss Riley is! I can't believe she's such a sleeper. Keep up the good work Momma.