Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We went to the local Pumpkin Patch this year because Jackson is going on a field trip tomorrow to Bates Nut Farm and the weather over the weekend was not very fallish. We only lasted 45 minutes because I failed to give Jackson a snack before and when he hasn't eaten in a couple of hours he becomes a grouch. Even with ponies, rides, and pumpkins galore. He had a verbal warning from me that we would leave if he acted up again after he pounded on Sierra's back trying to get his attention. 15 minutes later...After trying to get a family picture from another family, Jackson thought it would be a good idea to kick hay on one of the other family's daughters. Hay got all over her pretty tutu and I felt like they were thinking our son was the worst kid ever. He apologized but the consequence was we had to leave. Boy was he mad. I was so thankful we hadn't made the trek up to Bates! Riley, of course, was a perfect pumpkin and was happy to get out of the super bright sun and into the car where she quickly fell asleep as it was her nap time. I really don't like her taking car naps, though, because unlike her brother, she doesn't transfer to her bed. We will need to go back to the Patch because we still have tickets and no pumpkins besides the ones I already bought from Trader Joe's. Never a dull moment in this house!

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