Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Visit

A picture says a thousand words. I worried that Riley might cry as she is hesitant around strangers and takes awhile to warm up and let go of me. However her little quivering lip produced not one tear and the official photo with Santa was snapped as Jackson smiled from ear to ear thinking about the Switch and Go Dino Santa said he might bring...and diamonds for Riley. Funny because Jackson has asked me what I want for Christmas and I always reply with, "diamonds!" Maybe there really is a Santa?! I still believe!

Last year Santa said Jackson was going to get a baby sister and he delivered--or at least I did. Since we had no clue if our Riley was a boy or girl, it was fun to hear his prediction.

We decorated the house and it took us two days with lots of breaks between but it's finished inside and out. I'll post some pictures later. Happy Holidays!!!

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