Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Bed...

Sierra and I NEED a new bed...don't they say that you should have a comfy bed so that you can sleep well after a long day? We went last weekend to check out a new bed for Jackson instead and bought it...we will assemble it in a few weeks for our Big Boy but basically it's a twin bed. He enjoys his current Big Boy Bed (the crib that converts to a toddler bed), but I don't like how I can't sit on it when we read at night. So we chose a twin bed he could really grow into...and our own bed will have to wait. 
Actually, I've never seen Sierra jump so fast when he heard the price of the bed he loved (the Ergo Tempurpedic--amazing bed, but not amazing price). LOL!

Tonight I showed Jackson his new bedding (click here for a video). We just had to go with a transportation theme seeing as he is two and such a Big Boy...and he said, "I love my firetruck blanket!" He didn't want me to wash it but I finally convinced him we had to if he was going to sleep with it tonight. It will be sad to pack up his fish nursery theme...but hopefully we can unpack it for another little fish in the future. 

...Sweet dreams!

P.S. Here's Jack pretending to be a firefighter (click here). 


  1. So cute, Jackson is such a big boy now!!!

  2. this must be his official trying a bed out pose!

  3. Wait! Slow down! This is moving too fast for me! Another new bed, already??! A TWIN?!!!!