Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Jackson had his first trip to urgent care over the weekend after his buddy accidentally hit him in the forehead with a penguin grabber from Sea World. Poor guy had blood everywhere which made it hard to locate where the cut was coming from. Thankfully it was a small gash on his forehead near his hairline. Sierra urged me to take him to the doctor and luckily there was no wait! We had planned to check in early to our hotel room for a much anticipated office party for Pacific Debt, Inc.

The attending doctor told Jackson a few cheesy math jokes which I really appreciated as someday I will be teaching again and can use the new material.

What did zero say to eight? ...Nice, belt!

Jackson was glued instead of stitches because of the location and age...a bit wiggly as he sat in my lap being examined. At the end of our visit the doctor encouraged me to put Jackson on TV or commercials because of his advanced verbal skills. Um...ok doc can you tell me how to clean this wound please?

After a quick trip to the grocery store to get Jackson anything he wanted (he was pretty brave), I quickly fed Riley, packed, finished the babysitter's plans...and we were off to a night away from the kids!

We had a little too much fun and I officially pumped and dumped. Plus I have a bruise from a fall after leaning into a flimsy casino table. Sierra and I both spent Sunday in bed and the couch between kid duties. Ouchies for all!

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