Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hugs & Chores

Silly kids at the park.
Riley loves to give hugs to her dolls, Mama, and Dada. Recently she started to include her hug giving to Mommy Nannette and Big Bro. 

Jackson meanwhile is just days away from his 4th birthday! Feels like he just turned one! Four seems so much older than three! Like, an almost kindergartner! What?! It has been a lot of fun planning their birthdays. I've been crafting while they sleep as there isn't too much time during the day to squeeze that in since J gave up his naps when Riley was four months old--same time my hand injury happened. How fun for us! Anyhow, we have birthday parties back-to-back weekends for these two loves so we are BUSY! 

Silverware Captain reporting for duty!

Organizing kazoos for Ri's musical birthday.
We are so proud of our Big Boy as he is learning to be more responsible. He makes his bed daily, feeds Abby the cat, and puts the silverware away. We call him the Silverware Captain. As far as bed making, it does not look an adult made it and being Type A myself, I was remaking it for him. But then I saw a Pin that reminded me of teaching strategies--why was I redoing his work? Over time he will get better and so now I just leave his made up bed as is and just deal with the wrinkles.

Putting J's jacket away!

Even Riley enjoys her chores. She puts things "back" by helping to clean up. She says, "back, back" and proceeds to put away jackets, shoes, toys, and books. It is adorable. I caught her putting Jackson's jacket "back, back" the other day. She even put Abby's bowl "back, back" from the dishwasher. I love this baby stage--where suddenly your routines click and they begin to follow directions. 

Hey...Simon's trying to take my baguette! 

What's your favorite baby stage?

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