Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big Kid Things

These kids keep growing! When I have a few minutes to myself at the end of the day, I often wonder where my babies went and if they are getting older then that means I must be, wonder I've started putting on eye cream at night. I promise you those wrinkles by my eyes are from squeezing my eyes shut and pushing them out on their birth days!

Jackson started his first micro soccer league two weeks ago. Although he's one of the smallest kids on Team Pluto, he seems big to us. His best position is goalie. It's pretty funny to watch four and five year olds trying to get the ball from their own teammates and then score in the opposing team's goal. Jackson has his yearly check up this week so we will see just how big he is...and brave...immunization time.

Riley is doing big kid things, too. Now that her right arm is out of a cast, she has been feeding herself with a spoon and fork. She's trying to run but speed walks instead, usually tripping at the end. She tries to keep up with Jackson and climbs on everything, tackles him, and plays tug of war in the car with him--we all giggle!

Oh these two...I love them so much...even with the wrinkles they gave me...I'm sure grey hairs are next!


  1. Here's the link for Polka. Can you believe it's not an Etsy shop! Sam Moon is awesome too. Super cheap.

    We have the 4.5 ABC in every color!! We love the clippies too. Especially Tinkerbell.

    Are you on Facebook?

  2. I love these pictures! It makes me so excited for Donovan to meet his little sister! Jackson and Riley are so cute together.