Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend started with a Mother's Day Tea in Jackson's Pre-K class. The children served their mothers punch and cookies and then recited a poem.

But the best part was when Ms. Diane read from each child's Mommy Survey and we listened to the usually hilarious responses. I knew Jackson would be the only one to answer his mom's age accurately as I had just turned 35 the week before...he did not disappoint. And I'm the oldest mom in the class since the others are 12, 19, or 20. Ha! 

On Saturday, Sierra cooked our usual Sunday breakfast of eggs and bacon. Yum. We spent the morning together and then Sierra took Jackson to his T-Ball game without the girls because it was Riley's nap time. Mine, too! Sierra returned home and then left again on a mystery trip to get my gift...which had me worried. It is funny how I am such a planner and he is not. I already have Father's Day gifts hidden! 

That night Mommy Nannette watched the kids so we could have a date night. We went to dinner at Donovan' delicious. I went off my Gluten Free "diet" that night because the bread was too tempting. Unfortunately my stomach didn't like that later and it was hard to fall asleep. After dinner we shared a decaf mocha at Starbucks and enjoyed the adult time.

On Sunday, after my usual coffee in bed, I came downstairs and discovered a heavy box that was wrapped in paper we had. I wondered how and when Sierra did this, knowing he had gone the day before for my gift. I didn't know he knew where I kept the gift wrap supplies. He confessed that he woke up at 3 a.m. to wrap it. I couldn't believe what I unwrapped either, because I had been asking for a special purse for years...and here it was! My first Louis V! It's the Speedy 35 and I'm in love with it because it's the perfect size for all of my things and the kid things I carry. 

We had a light breakfast because I had signed us up for a 8:30 a.m. donation based Barre3 class benefiting Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every woman by supporting maternal health funds around the world. Barre3 usually doesn't offer childcare on Sundays, but this was a special event and  childcare was even free. The kids made me some pretty tissue paper flowers while Sierra and I got our "shakes and quakes." 

Sometimes they drive me batty, but I love them more than anything!

We then drove up to the San Diego Safari Park AKA Wild Animal Park. We hadn't been in years and it was Jackson and Riley's first time. We have passes but I was too nervous to take them there by myself, which is usually how we do the zoo. It's more walking and things are spread out so one adult and two kids wouldn't get very far. The kids enjoyed the tram ride and Riley really loved seeing the lion cubs and gorillas. Jackson enjoyed the bat cave. It smelled! Ew. I still prefer the zoo, though, I am glad we went. The kids were so tired after just a few hours there. We ate lunch and then headed back to the car with a quick stop at the carousal. Riley was asleep before we left the parking lot. 

At home we all rested and spent the rest of the day relaxing. I think I made dinner but that's ok. I enjoy cooking especially when I also am not entertaining the kids. 

I love being a mom and it was the perfect weekend in honor of me! The kids were extra good and Sierra went above and beyond to show me how much he valued me as a wife, mother, and best friend. He took a little nap while I got the kids ready for bed. He had a big weekend, too!

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