Sunday, April 11, 2010


We woke up on Easter morning and found out that the Easter Bunny had hopped up the mountain to our Julian cabin and left us Easter goodies! I think this was Jackson's first holiday where he was really excited and anticipated the celebration! He wore bunny ears all week at home and day care and would say, "hop! hop! hop!" when he saw a bunny or the ears. He put them on himself! They sang Easter songs at day care so he tried to sing along by saying "hop!" and marching. Sierra and I heard him sing, "baby, baby, Jesus" and we are pretty sure that was from his day care adventures, too.

We practiced looking for eggs so he was ready for the big day! After checking out his basket, Jackson took his new little bunny around and squeezed it really tight. We drove home from Julian after feeding some geese and hunted for eggs in our front yard. We took all of his bunnies and sat with them for a picture...last year he sat next to his first bunny and wore the same ears:

Not so happy about the ears...Easter 2009

Easter basket goodies 2010

Hunting for eggs @ home
Where's the candy?!
My basket is empty!
All of my bunnies...hop! hop! hop!
So happy for Easter!

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