Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Fun!

Earth Day!
My social calendar is full! Another bday party...

Bunny from Gram and Grandpa

A walk with Grandpa and Grammy =)

Showing Dada how hungry the caterpillar was...and showing his Kobe spirit!

Jackson learned to say "yellow," so we used the Crayolas to create his first work of art. He also now says, "ready? set? go!!!" and throws a ball (or anything else in his hand). It is hilarious and so much fun to play with him. Jack echos a lot of what we say, and sometimes I don't even know that I say the things I say until I hear him repeating me! He ran up to me the other morning and said, "pretty" about my necklace. Uncle Noah and Auntie Laura are finally coming to visit! Jackson has been practicing saying their names. Noah is easy to say, since "no" is such a favorite!

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