Thursday, April 22, 2010

1st Haircut-...14 1/2 months old

On our way in to clean up my 'do!

This place looks fun!


That was fast! No tears!

Dada and Mama took Jackson to get his first hair cut on Saturday. We took him to the same sports place Dada goes to, so it was neat to see what the guys experience inside this place. The whole shop is dedicated to Jackson wore a sports-themed onesie to match. After running around and yelling each time he found a ball somewhere, he was super silent once he sat in "the chair." He was a little nervous about what to expect as the paparazzi clicked away...and the hairstylist began to mist and snip. His little baby hairs fell to the floor and soon we had a big boy toddler staring back at us with huge, blue eyes. Where did our little Babydoll go? He really is a big boy now! He didn't even flinch as she cut away his fine hair...but he did wipe the little wisps from his face. Should I have saved some locks?!? The stylist said he was her easiest and BEST client all day! After the fastest haircut ever, we met the Bartels for dinner and showed off the new 'do.

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