Wednesday, May 5, 2010

:: Birthdays ::

We celebrated Sierra's 33rd birthday with some friends for dinner. Sierra played Torrey Pines that day with Kevin, Tom, and Sarkin. Kevin is Sierra's boss so that was nice of him to suggest a short workday and round of golf! We had golf balls printed with Sierra and Jack's picture and gave these out as favors with some golf tees ("Sierra is 33! Yowza!"). Too bad my Iphone was a dud and I lost the pictures of the fun goodie bags! :/

On my 31st birthday, Sierra and I had a much needed date night--dinner and a movie. We saw "Date Night" and it was hilarious! If you are married, you need to see this! The Central Park scene was a little too long, and I almost left the theater, but the movie redeemed itself a few minutes later...especially when Marky Mark opens the door minus a shirt.

Auntie Autumn watched Jack and Grammommy/G-Mommy came over for a bit, too. Of course our little guy was absolutely perfect while Mama and Dada were out having some alone time...and missing him every second! Sierra gave me a beautiful "J" necklace...although I opened the gift receipt on my birthday, saying that it was in the mail...typical. At least he got my Starbucks right!

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