Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend!

I hope all of the mothers were able to celebrate their special day--we work hard and I know we are appreciated each day, but Mother's Day has to be a new favorite holiday of mine...and it's so close to my birthday! I had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend! Roni and Terry invited us to their timeshare in Palm Springs and the weather was amazing! I love dry, hot, weather...especially when I have a pool close! I should have figured everyone would be at the pool by 11 a.m. -- we had an interesting time finding chairs, but alas we were able to enjoy the sun! Jackson napped in the room and Grandpa Terry watched him snooze. We had a nice lunch and then the paparazzi followed me to the grocery store where we picked up some dinner to prepare back at the room. Jackson surprised us by remembering how to do his swimming moves he has learned from swim (he hasn't been since his first bday because of colds, viruses, we lost our time slot)...he just dove right in and LOVED the water! We had a lovely breakfast on Mom's Day and then drove home...found out we were locked out! Sierra managed to break in...and spent the evening with G-Mommy at Auntie Autumn's house for a delicious dinner! She took those I'll post later! Tonight we were able to see Libby and Grandpa for a birthday/Mother's Day dinner. Jackson enjoyed his meal (and we did, too)...he was anxious to go outside to run! It was difficult to get a good picture without him squirming.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, and love what you've done with the blog! Look who's computer-savvy, now?! Jackson is a stud as always, and Grandpa is looking great! REALLY love the pic w/ you, Ronnie, and J @ the timeshare. Your hair is so cute!! Might I suggest that you don't lose too much weight, Momshell, as you will have me worried! LOVE YOU!!! xoxo