Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Happiness!

Wow Halloween is so different now that we have a little guy who understands the idea! It has been so much fun talking about pumpkins, fall, and the tricks and treats of Halloween this month! 

We went to a little kid concert yesterday with Celeste and her mommy Skye and they gave festive goodie bags at the end. Jackson threw his ghost duckie in the water and luckily a nice dad fished it out for us! We also visited the Whisenant Family and met their new baby boys-- just 6 weeks old! Tyler and Dylan keep getting cuter! It was adorable to see how Jack found them to be so cute! He tickled their little toes and rubbed their baby heads. 

J to C: Let's play a trick and throw our treats in the water!

Celeste: Really, need to be a man and get out of diapers!
Jack: I'm outta here little girl!

Shake it! Shake it! 
After lunch and nap today, we went to a fun kid/adult party at the Winslow's home. Our little Dino had a blast showing off his costume, dancing with Auntie Kelly, eating tons of treats, playing with the other little kids, dipping caramel apples, licking the caramel over and over again, and seeing the Chargers win! It's true that when the game is blacked out, we win! 

Jackson decided that this pumpkin made a great seat!

Tonight we went to a few neighborhood houses and gave out candy as well. Biscuit thought he should join us in the family fun.  Jackson tried to go into half of the houses we visited. We may have found some new baby sitters...little did they know! Here are some videos of our night adventure:
  • Biscuit joins us as we trick-or-treat
  • Our first house had a scooter--way better than candy! 
  • Jack wants the entire bowl of candy!
  • Back home...whoa! Candy! Turn your head...Sierra did the sideways taping!
Our big boy turns 21 months this week! REALLY! I've taught him to say "I'm almost two" instead of saying "I am one." He says both sometimes, or tonight he said to a neighbor, "I am one, two, three!" HA HA! 

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! It was a chilly evening in Sunny San Diego, so the dino was warm but Minnie was freezing! OH...Sierra went as a doting father and happy husband! =)

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