Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mama and Jack Day

I had so many night meetings over the last week (and coming up) that I gave Sierra the day "off" and he went golfing while I spent time with my favorite boy! What a beautiful day in San Diego! 

Jack and I spent the morning at the zoo with Ali and Charlie--so much fun! Charlie is the sweetest boy -- his little noises are so precious! Ali is so good with her little man and we can't wait until the boys can play together. For now, Charlie (4 months) and Jackson (20 months) enjoy each other in different ways...Charlie stares at Jackson with an intense curiosity and Jackson gives Charlie a stare down to keep his distance from his territory--me. At one point I was holding both boys (sorry people in line who were waiting for the buckets--strollers can be cumbersome!)...and Jack was not too happy about sharing me. Side note--why do people wait for your parking spot when they see you are just unpacking your kid and a stroller? I don't get it.

After we came home and had lunch and a nap (wish I did, too), Jackson and I met Skye and Celeste (almost 2!) at Lakeshore for a free craft day. I needed to get things for my classroom so perfect timing! As we went to wait for the craft, Jackson spotted a football and insisted that I get it down for him. Of course I did and then it never left his side...he didn't even do the craft! Celeste made a really cute briefcase for all of her important documents. She later told Jackson that he should poop in the potty (like her). I'm glad he is getting peer pressure from his lady friends!

Everyone seemed to enjoy our little QB tossing his football around Hazard Center--and it was REALLY fun to watch him climb up a flight of 30 stairs! Thank goodness for the elevator on the way down. It felt like an hour getting back to the car because he kept passing and hiking the football -- even a stranger stopped to play with him at one point. Oh and if you are a teacher, it's Educator's Week at Barnes and Noble...25% off! YAY! 

See the football tucked in, too?
My little boy was so excited about his football that he took it to bed with him along with his stuffed animals Scout, Kitty, Woof-Woof, Lolly, and Penguin. I think I broke a record for fastest bedtime routine tonight--he practically crashed after such an eventful day!


  1. omg I don't know why but when I saw that pic of you two in the bucket I got really scared!!! like my heart started beating fast weird!!! that would have freaked me out having him in there ahhhh!!! I love the turtle picture!

  2. Funny, autumn, I was thinking the exact same thing!!

  3. ...and I love the eating picture! Can't wait to come out and play some football with you, Jack! :)

  4. So cute! The boys will have to get together and play football, go CHARGERS :)