Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toddler Time!

Jackson's latest playtime has been focused on firefighters, skateboards, motorcycles, and his kitchen. Here's a quick snapshot of a half hour of playtime tonight...

Simon Says



Motorcycle Ride
...hilarious when he zooms around the corner on this bike!

Cooking up something yummy!

Dear Jackson,

Did you know that Mama and Dada were married four years ago this week? It seems like only yesterday we said, "I do" and now you are telling us, "I do!" 

I know I have said it before, but this stage is so much fun! Really all the "stages" are fun, but the toddler stage has been REALLY fun as you are learning and growing each day of your Terrific Twos! 

I love how you imitate what Dada and I do...from cleaning up after you make a mess, to putting your sockies away in your sock basket. You are such a good boy and we love you more than you will ever guess. Your smiles and laughter are the best thing to wake up to and we are so proud of your accomplishments already at two! You are respectful, kind, humble, funny, smart, and of course, the best boy in the world! When you accidentally knock me with your big head, you say, "You ok, Mama?" with a genuine concern in your big eyes. It always melts my heart. You enjoy going to "Chinese School" on Saturdays even when I'm ready to ditch because it's raining outside. All of your friends love to play and spend time with you. Your favorite thing to do is read with us and you have such a great imagination! You impress me constantly.



  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Jackson is So stinkin' cute and it makes me so excited that I have a little boy too! Boys are just sooo fun.

  2. oh girl, you gave me some tears. you have such a sweet boy! xo

  3. Is he "skateboarding" on a kneeling pad??