Sunday, May 8, 2011

April and May!

Wow it's been a busy month for the Izzards! Spring break for me was too fast...but now we are on the final weeks until summer! Woo hoo! I may be on a permanent summer break as my pink slip still exists...not going to stress right now...we will see about sad that almost 800 of us are on the line...8 years of teaching, multiple degrees, credentials, and certifications...wowza. Oh well, I will be happy to stay home with my guy!

We spent spring break having many friends over as we were still unpacking and setting up. We managed to take a break and visit the Zoo, Sea World, and Playtown. The week zoomed by!

Making pretty eggs (click for the video) 
Easter brought us Uncle Orion from Lake Tahoe, and Gram and Grandpa drove down from Ventura. They enjoyed staying at our new place! We love being home! Auntie Autumn, Uncle Marco, and Junior shared Easter Lunch with us. I made a few new dishes. Yum! We have real bunnies at our house! Check them out here! Jackson enjoyed his new bubble machine -- so much fun!

Sierra and I share birthdays just three days apart so we had some friends over for our birthdays last weekend. It was nice to have a night without kids and enjoy just adults! Noah and Laura spent the weekend with us which was awesome.

Jackson had an icky viral infection over Easter which he then shared with me. I was sick on my birthday and ended up taking a day off of work to sleep and that seemed to do the trick. I missed eating food!

And now it's Mother's Day! I'll post later this week about today, but I just want to say how thankful I am to have my own mother around and close enough to come watch Jackson when he's sick, healthy, and everything in between. The more experience I gain as a mother, the more grateful I am for my own mom. How in the world did she raise four of us and work full time? We didn't go on vacations or even go out that much, but we all turned out ok! The most important thing is that we were loved unconditionally and the childhood memories we share still make us laugh when we tell our Kennedy Kid stories. Thanks, Mommy! xoxo

Easter 2010 (13 months)

Easter 2011 (26 months - ha! ha!)


  1. Happy Mother's Day! So glad you are all feeling better again.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Mama! You have one lucky and special boy! I am hoping this pink slip turns out the best for you - so sad to see so many awesome teachers go in SD!

  3. thanks, ashley! back up plan is little izzards! xoxo amber