Monday, July 25, 2011

Thankful Again!

Biscuit in his carseat. 
17 pound kitty!

I took Biscuit back for a follow up ultrasound today. His kidney stone has dissolved and his bladder was clear! Biscuit's special diet worked so well he gained almost two pounds in four weeks...not that he needed to! From now on he will be on a preventative diet (thankfully less expensive than the last month) to help keep his bladder stone free! 

Thank you for your prayers and good vibes over the last month--they helped! MEOW!
Mr. B


  1. So happy for all the good things coming your way over the last week. Job security and a healthy kitty. Life is good. ;)

  2. MORE good news?! Ooooo, yeah! I'm crossing my fingers that I can predict what that news might be. In less exciting news, yes, I used a heavy duty shower scrubbing brush when I did the tile. It definitely helped! But the transformation of the tile is amazing! Let me know how it goes. XO

  3. ok, thanks! I used soft scrub bleach on our old tile and that worked but seemed more labor intensive. keep your fingers crossed. :)