Saturday, July 23, 2011


 I love staying at home and being with Jackson...but the idea of not having a job not based on performance was pretty sketchy. Then the fact that it was so up in the air so we couldn't plan ahead for anything like preschool, daycare, another child...because when you get "pink slipped" in California as a "tenured" employee, you could be recalled 39 months after the initial letter. That's a long time! 86 of 700 certificated teachers and administrators were recalled last night. There are still way too many out there that need their jobs back, too. Not to mention the kids that will be in overcrowded classrooms the first weeks of school while this mess tries to clean itself up. Then it's back to the March 15 lay off letters next year...who knew teaching could be so unstable? Oh state of California, get your act together and put education as a priority ASAP.

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  1. so you got your job back! yes!!!! i hope SO badly, education will be a priority soon!