Monday, September 5, 2011

1st Week of Pre-School

Beep! Beep!
checking out the other early birds!
Jackson is SO excited for his first day!
We made it through Jackson's first week of pre-school! On Monday Sierra and I dropped him off together and brought our weekend house guest, Austin, along for the 6:45 a.m. fun! Last week Jackson had a preview day with his class so he was ready! I cried for 30 minutes in my car before heading off to move my office at work. Our official report day was Wednesday and by the end of the week my new classroom was set up for the first day--I might be taking a 2nd grade class tomorrow because as of Friday we didn't have a teacher. Thanks, HR! I just feel badly for the kids who are excited to meet their new teacher and get me. Ha, ha! Oh, well. As an EL resource teacher the first week of school means helping in all areas. 
Jackson did really well his first week! His teacher said I must be exhausted by the end of my day with him being one-on-one because he doesn't stop talking. I said, "yes...he's like his dad in every way!" It really is non-stop chatter ALL DAY LONG which of course is awesome but sometimes I just want a few minutes of quiet time. He has made many new friends in his 2 year old class. My mom says he hangs out with a little girl named Riley most of the time. Interesting because this is the name of the little baby in my belly no matter the gender. How does my mom know what he does all day? The school has a video monitoring system we can check out online and my mom loves to watch him and then text me updates since Java needs an update on my laptop at work and I haven't had a chance to do this yet. 
When I pick Jackson up from pre-school he usually doesn't want to leave so that's a good sign. But the mornings have been a little emotional because for the first hour he is supervised by another teacher who he says isn't nice. She is nice, she's just not his teacher, Ms. Sierra, who is extremely nice. I told him he won't always love his teachers so this is an early lesson. Each day has been a little better dropping him off and yesterday he referred to a story that the other teacher had read to them so she must be growing on him. I am really happy that we chose to start him in pre-school--he LOVES going to school!

ending our fun summer and beach days

back to school shopping...where's Jackson?

trying out the new backpack and lunchbox

Hugging Daddy goodbye

Circle Time--perfect read aloud for J: The Beach

almost 18 weeks!


  1. What's the link to J's school?

  2. Love the update and all the pics, especially the one where he is posing with his backpack!

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