Monday, September 19, 2011

20 weeks! Wowza!

Meet Baby Riley! We won't find out if Riley is a boy or girl until he/she makes his/her debut in 2012, but it sure was fun to have our fetal ultrasound last week! 
 I like to lay low on Mama's pelvis!
 Riley's little foot sure does like to kick like Big Brother did! Maybe more! 
 Blowing bubbles.
 More bubbles. Riley has Jackson's nose (Sierra's side) and mouth (my side). 
We could tell more from actually watching the monitor. 
 Hi Mom and Dad! Riley trying to find his/her mouth or maybe just fixing his/her hair. 
 Riley's legs...with a hand between hiding what we didn't want to see. The technician said Riley is a good model and took excellent pictures for our doctors. Baby was very agreeable!
19 weeks...hmmm...not so sure about these stripes!

20 weeks!!!

Seriously I'm 20 weeks already!? I can still wear all of my pants which is so different from my pregnancy with Jackson. I was wearing maternity pants by this time last time! My belly is higher and appears to be bigger but I've gained less weight this time around. I am feeling SO good now! At about 15 weeks my energy returned, I started sleeping again, and began feeling real kicks compared to butterfly flutters. The sick feeling went away!
Now these kicks are constant and Riley has his/her back on my pelvis causing me to run to the bathroom more and I can't sit too long without becoming uncomfortable. I am feeling lots of poking of little hands and feet in my ribs. 
I had to make a switch to flats last week after two days of a swollen ankle. The pressure on my pelvis causes poor circulation I guess. I wore heels for 40 weeks with J! Again, so different from my first pregnancy. I guess it's true about each pregnancy being unique! 
I am enjoying the miracle that is kicking and moving around inside me...can't believe we are halfway to Riley's birth!


  1. Wow, so exciting!!! I can't believe you guys are going to be surprised by the gender. What an incredible experience that will be. So happy for you and hope that you continue to feel great. PS You look amazing!

  2. I can't wait until Riley gets here!! This blog post just made me that much more excited! A new niece/nephew for me and brother/sister for Jack coming soon?! Heck yeah!

  3. You look great mama! Those are the best ultrasound pictures I have ever seen, amazing!!!!! I am so glad you got energy again and I am sure you look hot even in flats! Can't wait to meet this little one. xo

  4. Countdown to the arrival of baby Riley is nearly the same as my arrival back to the US! Amazing ultrasound pictures, Amber! I'm so excited for you and your family! :)