Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soccer Star & 1st Wedding for our Big Boy

Our Big Boy started soccer last week. He is playing on a team called Thumpers and is having a blast learning how to be part of a team and following directions with the other 2-3 year olds. 

It is the cutest thing to see them practice together. They are still too young to play against each other but are learning lifelong skills through soccer. When I found out I was pregnant with Jackson I was on a women's soccer team (mind you I was horrible)...but maybe this kick-started his passion. Ha!

We have enjoyed this family time together. Jackson listens to Dad's advice on how to build a soccer tower.

He was SO excited to wear his new "soccer shoes." 
He didn't want to take them off after he tried them on.

Coach Cody asked the kids their names and their favorite animals as an opening. 
Jack said, "My name is Jackson! My favorite animal is an elephant!!!" 


After our first soccer lesson last weekend we drove up to Ventura to celebrate Marika and Kevin's wedding. Sierra grew up with the bride and her brothers. We made it to the wedding with 5 minutes to spare and Jackson did pretty good during the Greek Orthodox ceremony. 

Knowing that wedding cake was just a few hours away helped Jackson keep his talking to a whisper during the ceremony. He let loose on the dance floor with Gram at the reception. 

A different flavor for each layer=YUM!


  1. I had no idea little guys could play organized soccer at 2-3. Jackson in his little uniform is probably the cutest thing ever!!!

  2. Kick-start, hahaha nice pun. You should video his next practice!!! And I never knew you were on a soccer team...that's good stuff!