Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Crafts

I'm on winter break!!! Last week was exhausting with students and teachers eager for our two week break, a staff baby shower for me, a preschool performance and party, prepping for: Christmas, a special boy's 3rd birthday party, and Kelly's baby shower...as well as Sierra's work party...phew! Jackson and I both slept until almost 8 a.m. this morning and it was AMAZING!

I wanted to share a fun and easy craft/treat for winter--Reindeer Pops! Jackson and I made these last week for his first preschool performance and winter party. They were a hit. Thanks to my new mommy friend (and friend since 7th grade), Virginia, for sharing the recipe with us!

Jackson swirled chocolate on all 18 marshmallows like an expert! 
My little Bobby Crocker!

Ingredients: large jet puffs, chocolate melts, pretzel sticks,
pretzels, cinnamon noses, pearly eyes, and ribbon scarves.

Counting out 18..."Mom I'm just going to dump the bag 
and then count. If any fall, I'll eat them!"
Extra pieces of pretzels went into the extra chocolate bowl...chocolate covered pretzels!
TIPS: do each pop individually or have another adult to help because the chocolate dried so fast that I had to redo Jackson's handy work so we could stick on the eyes, nose, and antlers.  There was no point to scoring the marshmallows  since the chocolate had hardened over my scores. The "block" is floral foam wrapped in leftover Christmas wrap.


Wine cork Ornaments! A friend gifted me one of these cute reindeer ornaments several years ago and I've been making them each year ever since. They are great little gifts to give to large groups of people and are super easy to make! I have a new hot glue gun that is HOT so I did have a minor burn from one of these guys...but they are worth it! 

Materials: wine or champagne corks, ribbon, small bells, pipe cleaner (antlers), googly eyes, fuzzy wuzzies (nose), and hot glue...time to get crafty!

TIP: Save your wine corks all year so you have enough on hand. Or, just drink a lot of wine during Thanksgiving. ;)

Isn't the snowman cute? That was Jackson's idea. He was in charge of counting out the red and brown noses and said the white should be snowmen. 

It seems like Gingerbread Houses are a Kindergarten tradition.  I share a loft with two kinder teachers so I get to copy all of their cute crafts! Last year Jackson decorated a Gingerbread Man and this year I promised him we would make a house. Sierra helped us with this craft as I'm not the best builder and Sierra likes Legos...so he must like putting up gingerbread houses, too? Well...you get the idea.

House is frosted and ready to decorate!

Steady with those gumdrops on the roof!

and it's still standing three days later!

TIPS: expect to eat a lot of the ingredients as you make your house...

and take some time to play chess while you wait for the house to set.

Gingerbread House Videos!

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