Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 weeks and 2 kids later

The last two weeks have been amazing as we watched our baby girl arrive and Jackson transform into a Big Brother. He loves Riley so much and wishes she would stay awake longer so he could kiss her more. Sometimes I find him in her room standing on his stool to look at her.

The transition has been ok but Jackson is acting out towards us by not following directions (i.e. ignoring), talking really loud, and crying more than his baby sis. Mommy friends tell me it will get better so we will try to stay patient. :)

Meanwhile Riley is gaining over an ounce a day and weighed 8.7 lbs last Friday. I have been nursing her every 2-3 hours because she had mild jaundice and also lost one pound in 3 days--she must tell me her slim down secrets! Now that her pediatrician is happy with her weight, I let her sleep 6 hours the other night. We all felt so good.

Although I have the same stage 3 tears as I did with Jackson's birth, this recovery had been like night and day. I was feeling really good and only complained about my tailbone hurting. Well I took too much on before my body was ready and paid the price--I developed a bad case of mastitis on Wednesday along with an urinary tract infection. Mastitis is caused by fatigue and clogged milk ducts and basically feels like the worst flu ever plus boob pain. TMI? I just wanted to warn new and prego mommies to take it easy during the first weeks of postpartum because the last five days have been hard on my body. I get exhausted quickly and it is challenging to tell your 3 year old that you are too tired to play. Jackson told me he could make me feel better with a hug and he was right! :)

Here are some picture highlights from our first two weeks with two kids. One of the cool things at night is checking on both of them sleeping. I love that there are two beds to check now with tiny slumberers. The first day Sierra went back to work he texted me, "how are the kids?" and wow the tears started flowing. Who knew making a word plural could create such a reaction? We love our babies!


  1. What precious pictures! Love the one of Daddy laying in bed with the kiddos. So sweet! Hang in there Super Momma. Mastitis and UTI + Stage 3 tears sounds like you've earned yourself a spa day or two... eventually. :) You're doing great!

  2. Thanks, Meghan! Just trying to keep these posts real :)