Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Jackson calls Riley his best friend -- an upgrade from Mr. Biscuit (the cat). He still refers to Jacob, Ana, Riley, and Nathan as his BFFs at preschool, but loves his little sister so much more now that she is out of her womb. He asks Riley at least 10 times a day, "Do you like me, Ri?"

He still is reminding us that he is the center of attention. For example, trying to have a chat with a girlfriend yesterday I was interrupted with, "Excuse me mama...Excuse me mama...EXCUSE ME MA-MAAAAA!" I think we scared my friend who is expecting her second as she saw first hand how someone's behavior changed. Yep, the first born is super special in every way! :)

I find myself with a little less patience as well these days (hello up every 3 hours to nurse) and I raise my voice more so Jackson and I spend a lot of time apologizing to each other. The sibling adjustment is temporary I am told. At least the love they have for each other is permanent and I am excited to watch it grow!

First walk together to our neighborhood park.
"Do you like Starbucks, Ri?"

Getting ready for the day!
Mama and daughter matching outfits...Auntie Kristina's baby shower.
Big Bro is also my sous chef!
Hi! Wearing my party dress for Braden's baptism celebration. 
Ah...sweet dreams! Family nap!
Saturday morning giggles!

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