Wednesday, February 1, 2012

39 weeks and no baby yet!

SIGH! I am happy that Riley is comfy cozy in his or her womb! My doctor checked me yesterday and she said my cervix felt like it had gone higher and was less than 5 cm. like last week. WHAT?! So all of this pre labor stuff has been for nothing I suppose...on the bright side, I have another week left with just Jackson. It will fly by. Tomorrow is his birthday and he couldn't be happier to turn three! Since we had his big party a few weeks ago, we will keep it to a small family dinner of his favorite--Mama's Spaghetti and cake of course. I scheduled an induction date of 2/7/12--one day after I hit 40 weeks. I am having doubts about that now, though. I really didn't want to be induced again. But, it does give us a real date to look forward to. So fingers are crossed that Riley comes before next Tuesday on his/her own--and not tomorrow on Bubba's birthday! One groundhog is enough!


  1. Aw, I am so anxious to hear that Baby Riley has made his/her arrival. The gender anticipation is so exciting! Seems like you're doing great Momma! Happy birthday (almost) to your sweet Jackson. Hope he has a special day tomorrow.

  2. Happy Birthday to big boy Jackson!! Amber, I'm coming home to San Diego in April and staying for two months before I start a new adventure! If you need any babysitting help (or friends that need a babysitter), keep me in mind as I'll be very free! I'd also LOVE to meet baby Riley! You're looking GREAT and can't wait to hear all about Riley's debut! :)